Non toxic Asphalt driveway sealer

wifetojoeiiiJune 23, 2013

My husband & I live in Western NY near Buffalo. We installed an asphalt driveway and need it sealed. Can anyone recommend a contractor that uses a a non toxic/ "green" sealant?

Thank you for your assistance.

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"Sealing" asphalt is a marketing scam. It doesn't do anything at all to make a drive last longer. Save your money that you would use to do that with every couple of years and in 50 years when it needs replacing, you'll have enough money set aside to do it.

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The driveway sealant you can buy is nothing more than latex paint!

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Non-toxic? Forget the asphalt!

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Asphalt in any form is "toxic". So are a LOT of things that are "natural". Toxicity in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's how you manage your exposure to that toxicity. If you eat it, you're in trouble. Putting it on your driveway doesn't expose you to it at all if you use gloves while you do it. However, the other posters are correct in stating that you're wasting time and money for something that's merely cosmetic and doesn't do anything at all for the drive.

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