Help! 5 ft Crack in Foundation!!

msgreatdealsJune 1, 2009

Hello...I'm in the middle of a kitchen remodel and discovered we have a 5 ft crack in the foundation going from a corner to the wood subfloor. It's about 1/2" wide. Going to add a picture here. Can anyone recommend someone in the Venura/LA county area to repair this.

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was the tile on top of it cracked too? if not, how long had the tile been down? if the tile was there for a few years and had not cracked, then odds are that whatever settling caused it has finished.

call aroudn and check with several foundation repair places near you. get multiple quotes and see what you want to do. don't be surprised if they say you don't need to do anything, nor if they say you are looking at 50k to fix it, cause it can be anywhere between those 2 extremes!

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I think the settling has finished but can't say for 100%. I think we are going to try the epoxy fix first and take it from there. Would like to hear from anyone that has done epoxy. We will have a licensed contractor do it.

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If you plan to retile you will need a crack membrane. Comes in rolls.

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We have had two foundation cracks repaired by epoxy inection. One 5 foot crack on an unfinished wall in the basement, and one eight foot crack behind a finished wall in a different part of the basement. We had the first crack repaired about 1 1/2 years ago. The crack went on an angle from the bottom edge of one of our window wells to the floor. When we had heavy rains water would run in a stream from the crack, along the floor, to the floor drain which was only about 5 feet away. It hasn't leaked since the repair, and this spring has been extemely wet. That is why we had them come out and repair the other crack when we had water in the finish part of the basement this spring. I wanted something I could trust since I had to tear down a wall, and then replace it. And I hate doing drywall! We used Permaseal. But I think they are only in Illinois and Indiana.


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