Garage door remotes

bontreeJune 11, 2010

I have a Craftsman 41A5021-3B M#193.53674SRT-1 1997 Garage door opener for which I lost 1 remote control. I found a replacement Model 970LM Lift-Master 390 MHz. Is it possible to install both remotes to the same receiver/operator? When I install the second code, the first remote seems to be cancled? Do I need two identical remotes? Thanks for a reply!!

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They should both work with your opener. Try programming it this way.

Hold the button down on the remote while you press and immediately release the learn button on the rear of the motor unit. Do this for each remote. The key is to not hold the learn button in too long as it will erase what it presently has in memory.

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I tried your suggestion, with no results. As soon as I pressed and released the learn button a led light on the back of the operator came on for about 60 seconds. The instructions on the back of the opperator said to " and hold transmitter push botton. receiver code button. 3.When opener light flashes, release both push buttons "

Is it possible that changes have been made to the system sence 1995?
Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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It sounds like your logic board may be bad. Both of those remotes are listed as Security + which is what your opener is. Just in case my information is wrong make sure the new one is Security +. It should say that on the case. There have been no changes as far as programming is concerned since the original opener with the smart/learn button.

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