Garage door operner woes- sensor, logic board?

mossie3June 26, 2006

door won't close, and blinks like it did when something's in the sensor path. The sending sensor indicator light is on, but the receiving indicator light is not. Even when putting the sensors directly together the receiver indicator light is not on.

I'm in process of checking for a wiring short to the reveiving sensor. I'm assuming the problem would have to be either the sensor, or the logic board, correct? Which would more likely be the problem? I'm thinking of buying replacement parts swapping them and see what happens.

Or if I try the service repair route, what would be a resonable service charge for the labor repair?

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The most common problem has always been the receiving unit quits. I would call around to the local door companies and see if you can buy a used set. They usually have old parts from openers they have changed out. Service calls are very expensive depending on where you live.

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I ran new wire to the receiving sensor then put it right up against the sending unit, and the indicator still isn't lit.

I put the receiver unit leads across 6 volt battery and the indicator light would come on temporarily.

Is there a way to test the sensor to verify it's bad?

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I know of no way to test the sensor although someone posted that they used an infrared television remote and the light came on indicating it was working. I have never tried this. Applying a voltage to it is not the answer either as it must receive an infrared signal to turn on.

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I checked the logic board closely for any signs of burned out parts, and it looked OK. I ordered some new sensors, and will replace them to see if it will fix it.

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Lightning stuck a tree next door about 150 yards away, and knocked out several things in my neighbors house including his garage door opener. The next attempt at using my opener it didn't work, so I'm assuming lightning ran in on it.

The old receiving sensor indicator light wouldn't light. I replaced the sensors and the indicator lights on the sensors both did light. But nothing happens when pushing the button on the opener. If I block the sensor path light, and press the button, the unit will flash on and off like something's in the path.

I'm not sure whether to buy a new logic board on not. Is the logic board the most likely component for a lighting strike? Any ideas or things to check?

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Unfortunately the logic board is usually what fails from lightning strikes. It has all the fragile electronic components and it controls almost every function.

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Bought a logic board on ebay, working fine now.

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mossie3, I think I may need a logic board too. My garage door opener light will not shut off. I would like to try purchasing a replacement. How much did you pay? And how did you describe the logic board you purchased on ebay?

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Sounds like your logic board might be going on the fritz (power surge??). If you think you might want to replace it yourself, I can tell you where NOT to buy it. I recently bought one from Ontario Supply in New York from their web site for $60. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be defective and they won't refund my purchase price even though I sent the defective unit back at my own cost. So, don't buy from them, they don't deal fairly in my opinion. I think you're best off just calling a local repair service and let them replace the board. If you replace the board yourself and it does not work, you're just going to end up calling a repair service anyway. Ontario Supply operates under the following web sites:


In my opinion, you should avoid this company

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