New paint cans?

brussoJune 15, 2012

I don'tknow if anyone noticed but the last 'gallon' of stain that I bought was only 3 15/16 of a gallon : 126 oz instead of 128. I then went to Big Box and noticed that there are a lot of variations on containers. I did find a few that are still one gallon but an awful lot were not. Someone said that it is because after mixing with pigments, then you do have a full gallon but I disagree. I saw some that were not base types of paints and they were less than a gallon. Just wondering if this is a new trend or am I missing something.

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Oop! that should read 3 15/16 quarts.

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Some colors require more additive than others. Gallons have been short for years because of that.

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