Insect buzzing in wall or attic

timtexJune 27, 2014

Hopefully I am in the right forum. We moved into a new house 6 months ago. Within the last month I've been hearing a loud buzzing noise inside the wall of our front room, which is the study. It's so loud it sounds like the insect is inside the room, such as when a fly gets in and buzzes loudly against the window. It almost sounds like it's trying to pack or beat something down, and then it stops for a minute or two, then comes back. The location is in the upper part of the wall, on the front corner of the house. It also seems worse later in the day when the sun is shining there. I had a pest control company come out this morning, and the lady was as nice as she could be, but she told me she had only been in her job for a year, and she was mystified as to what I could be hearing. But what was really embarrassing is that the buzzing ceased (of course) the whole time she was here, even though it was doing it earlier. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this, or if there is someone in the business who has come across it before. It's definitely some kind of flying insect, and I should also add that I live in Fort Worth, Texas. Thanks!

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Just a guess, but take a look outside where the roof meets the walls and gutters, especially the corner. There may be an entry point and you might have a huge nest in the wall (eg. behind your siding). We had one large enough that were getting into the basement until I figured it out. Good luck.

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I'm with homebound; sounds like you may have a hive of bees or wasps inside the wall. I know bees bring in water, and fan their wings to evaporate it to cool the hive in hot weather, which seems to fit your observations. They can get through the tiniest inconspicuous crevice.

Get a more experienced pest control rep out.

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An insect infestation in your attic is likely to be caused by them attacking something stored in your loft such as food, textiles or wood. You have to call an exterminator for that.

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