Andersen French Door Latch Problem

Bob08889June 28, 2012

I have a 2 panel (active/passive) Andersen french door (outswing). Previously I was able to close the door by pushing the active door (the one with the latch) toward the fixed passive door. The latch caught the strike plate nicely and the door closed without having to engage the 3-point lock. Now the door bounces off the passive door and will not engage (though it will still lock if the 3-point lock is engaged). The doors are square and level. The issue it that there is some amount of play in the lock mechanism which allows the door handle to droop somewhat and pull the latch from 100% extended (where it will catch) to 75% extended (were it does not engage the strike plate). Anyone kow how to make an adjustment to get the latch back to 100% extended. I also note that the handle feel is not tight/firm (like a German car door) and is more floppy/loose (like an old AMC Hornet). There's got to be a solution short of replacing the lock mechanism (part of a $190 single piece unit). Ideas? Thanks.

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What your describing does not make sense to me, if you could possibly post pictures or a better description I or someone else may be able to help you.

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A normally functioning Andersen french door has 16/32 of an inch of latch protruding from the active door. This is amount of latch is crucial for engaging (locking on to) the passive door. My door has 11/32 of latch protruding from the active door and when the active door is pushed closed it is inadequate to grab on to the the lock plate of the passive door. The question is how to adjust the latch to fully extend, and grab on to, the latch plate.

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Forget it, just talked to Andersen. They are sending me a new latch/lock set under warranty. Nice warranty on those doors, 10 years no questions asked. Sweet.

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There you go, I was going to ask about the age as well. Also a nice job explaining the issue the second time.

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We've had the same problem (same doors, about 5 years old) with the same resolution: Anderson providing new parts. We even paid for an Anderson installer to put them in so everything would be done correctly. The door worked like a dream for three or four months. Now it's back to its old tricks, of not latching when the active door is pushed shut. We have to lift the handle to engage the mechanism.

Apparently Anderson knows there is an ongoing problem with these French doors, but can't seem to provide a good, permanent fix. Hopefully your mileage will vary!

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Andersen has stood by their product like that for years, even when there was no warranty.

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