Stooping to pick up a pop can tab, of lower value than a penny

joyfulguyAugust 12, 2003

Recently there was an extended discussion here about whether people would bother to stoop to pick up a penny.

Many of us allowed as how we would: I said that once when I stopped to pick one up at the entrance to the mall, I got a bonus: there were a couple more companions there, as well.

Quite a few said they wouldn't bother (some saying that it was too dirty - though when asked whether they'd stoop to pick up a $20.00 bill, with paper more liable to absorb nefarious substances than the metal of a penny, no answer was forthcoming, as I recall).

I realize that I often stoop to pick up pop can tabs, which are of much less value than a penny. Several years ago, three people that I knew saved them to turn in to a (I think veterans) group which recycled them as scrap aluminum, using the proceeds to buy wheelchairs for low-income people who needed them to be mobile.

I've collected scrap pop cans to recycle, removing the tabs for the one friend who still collects them. It's quite a nuisance removing the tabs from a couple of hundred pop cans. I've asked him to find out why they don't collect the whole can, as the Shriners do to support their free hospitals - no answer, yet.

I checked how many pop cans make a pound, but forget the number: it's about thirty, I think. That the scrap metal dealer (on the other end of town) pays 50 cents for. So you can understand my reason for combining a trip there with another (infrequent) errand in the vicinity.

The gas to travel there costs a substantial amount of the pop can money, in addition to contributing to the pollution that causes respiratory problems to many (my family has weak lungs) and I blame for sometimes making my eyes itch substantially for a number of weeks.

Beer cans (or bottles) are a bonanza - the beer store pays me 10 cents each for them (even with the tab removed)!

Good wishes for making some of your life's activities accomplish good things for others less fortunate - there are millions of refugees in the world who, along with having no home, don't know where their next meal may come from. How would you like to have nothing to feed your small kid? For days on end?

joyful Ed

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Joyful, we remove the tabs and pick up stray ones as well. These are turned into either our local Legion or the town firehall. One fellow collects them from both places and they are then given to the vetrans group for wheelchair purchase etc. The cans (we are lucky as they take beer, pop and juice cans ) are then turned into the local recycle centre where we take the cash and deposit it into our child's saving account. I had company for a few days who proceeded to toss into the trash all the cans after they'd had their fill of the contents... you can bet I pulled off the tabs and returned the cans for cash. It may not have been much but it added up to another "free" buck for the bank. My company just shook their heads...."whatever" was their attitude....because they are family they know me and my thrifty ways well. Yes I am a laugh a minute to them. Well I laugh all the way to the bank. Anyone else?

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Hi Joyful Ed,
I will gladly trade you pennies for the old kind of can tabs...the ones that pulled free of the cans! I use them as hangers on the back of wooden "deally-boppers"(quote my Grandson) that I make!! They are becoming increasingly hard to find since most of the cans keep their tabs attached!!
Have a good and "Joyfilled" day!

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Here in NYC they take the cans back whole--there's not need to remove the tab (and I can't find a soda that's sold in a can w/ a removable pop top).

And here in NYC, there's not an easy place to go to turn in the tabs for either charity or money. If they happen to become dislodged, they do recycle, though!

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Pooh Bear

I looked it up just last week how many cans per pound.
It takes 32 cans to make a pound.
I save cans here at our house.
I have about 15 bags of uncrushed cans rite now.
Each bag is a little over 2 pounds.
Been meaning to cash them in.
Maybe soon.

Pooh Bear

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I save pop tabs for Ronald McDonals house and give the cans to a neighbor boy who is autistic and am not above going through trash cans to get them.

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Pooh Bear

I called today to get the price for aluminum cans.
Under 100 pounds: 30cents/pound
Over 100 pounds: 34cents/pound
This makes each can to be about a penny each.

Pooh Bear

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Hi Pooh Bear,

Your pennies may be about the same size as ours - but each one buys more.

Haven't checked lately: I used to get Cdn. 50 cents/lb. - which is about the same, given the rate of exchange.

One more indication that markets have a worldwide focus.

Hope you all have a more "enlightened" summer holiday than we've had the last day or so.

ole Ed

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Ed--you asked why charities collect just the tabs and not the whole can. My sister told me that it is because there is as much aluminum (or maybe more) in the tab as there is in the whole rest of the can. So the charities just take the tab so they get plenty of aluminum and save a lot of space (also don't have to ask the donaters to wash the cans, etc.)

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I empty, but don't wash the cans - they do get sticky.

Never heard any complaint from the scrap metal dealer. He wouldn't like mud or gravel left in the ones that I pick up on the roadside, though - if he saw it.

I run over 'em with the truck (wider tires on my old Ford van than on the little Colt, with its narrow tires).

I doubt that a hundred tabs will be equal in weight to a hundred tab-less cans ...

... but I've been known to have been wrong, on occasion.

Whenever I am - I'm sure that someone here will let me know.

Good wishes for a conservationist lifestyle,

ole Ed

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Pooh Bear

There is a rumor that has been going around for a long time now.
That each pull tab collected buys one minute of time on
a dialysis machine for kidney patients.
The rumor is of course false,
but I still get a surprising number of people that want
to get the pull tabs off of my cans.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Snopes - Pull Tab Hoax

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How many pull-tabs ya want? Not over 300, I hope.

Where'd ya want me to send 'em?

Let me know.

ole joyful

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Forgot to ask - what's a "deally-bopper"?

ole joyful

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Hi there,
I'm sorry, I've been snoozing on the job, and missed your post!!!! Thanks for answering!!! The "dealy-bopper" that I am working on at this moment, is a small shelf unit that looks like a tiny screen door, but actually has a shelf in the middle and at the bottom to display animal figurines. Another one is a ladder looking affair 4' tall or so, with a wire vine decoration and a welcome sign! It hangs outside my front door, and has a special decoration or two for each holiday season!!!
I will send my address to you and I thank you in advance for the hangers!!!
Have a joyous day!!

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If you've been snoozing on the job - I hope you're not a school bus driver.

Any idea how many tabs you want? A rough estimate?

While I may not be delivering them soon to the guy who saves them (35 miles away - done when I have business in that direction), I'd like to know have many to hang on to in case I happen to be going his way soon.

It's not a really big deal, as I'd probably have some more before too long, unless you want quite a large number. But it might result in a certain delay in sending to you.

Good wishes to you and yours,

joyful guy

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Hi again, all,

Just rinsed a bunch of can tabs (don't rinse the cans) and counted a lot of them. Counted 1,300 into a 2-litre (somewhat under 2 qt.) ice cream container, filling it about 2/3 full.

They weighed around 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds), I estimate - at least under 1.5 kg.

Something like 400 - 600 per lb., as contrasted to about 32 cans.

I was amazed - that I could have been so unaware of how great the difference is between the weight of a tabless can and of its tab.

As I've said before- it's a poor day that one doesn't learn something.

Some of the kids (of a certain age) around here like jumping on the cans to help me crunch them to a more easily transportable size.

joyful guy/Ed

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Pooh Bear

I took off all of my aluminum cans today.
I have been saving cans for 2 years.
I had the back of my parents SUV stuffed full of bags of cans.
I had 64 pounds. I got 30 cents per pound.
For all my effort, I got a grand total of $19.20

Started my new collection today.
I've already got 4 more cans.

Pooh Bear

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Hmmm, here in Michigan we have a bottle and can deposit. I get 10 cents back for each one I turn in. It can be a pain to return bottles and cans, but it is worth not seeing them on the sides of the roads and on the beachs. When the kids were little we went to Chicago. While walking on the beach (littered with bottles and cans and broken glass) my boys wanted to go back to the hotel and get trash bags to pick them up in to return for $$. Sadly, we had to explain to them that Illinois did not have a law like Michigan and they were welcome to pick up the bottle and cans to make the beach prettier and safer, but they would not make any $$. Sure wish that they would put deposits on all cans and bottles.
Kathy G in MI (who washes out all bottles and cans)

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Took in 4,000 pop cans the other day - they paid me $62.50, at 52 cents per lb.

Had to deliver in the van - that uses about double the rate of gas consumption as the car.

As noted above - 2,000 can tabs weigh about 2 lbs. - not over 3 lbs, I think.

Next time I deliver can tabs to the guy who collects them, I think that I'll just tell him that I won't be delivering any more. Do you have any idea how long it takes to remove the tabs from 2,000 cans? I think I'll just give him $1.00 - 1.50, instead!

Delivered a friend's surplus microwave to a needy people's supply place at the same time - and wrote a cheque to another charitable agency.

The car's been at the garage for repairs for a couple of weeks (I usually give them a longer time frame, so they can work on more urgent projects as need arises).

Good wishes as you spread less trash around.

joyful Ed

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I pick up pennies and pop cans. I cashed my pennies the other day (about two years worth) and the total was $83.83. Not bad for other peoples throw aways.

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Hi all,

Just travelled through MI, picked up a few pop cans on the way. And more on the return journey.

Quick trip out - 1,600 mi. in 45 hours. Helped my brother (whom I married) celebrate 40th wedding anniversary on 18th (in village of Lumsden, near Regina, capital of Saskatchewan), and his retirement from farming, as son (only child) not interested in farming.

Thought I'd turn them in near Port Huron - but was in a hurry (to attend a financial seminar near home) on Saturday 25th.

So - I have car half full of cans, many of them MI ones, worth 10 cents each. I found few pop cans along the roadsides in MI - mostly beer cans, there. But quite a few in other areas.

I heard a while ago that some NY types from near Buffalo come to football games in Hamilton, at west end of L. Ontario, go through trash cans to pick up hundreds of pop cans, that they take back to NY and cash them in for a nickel each.

I expect that they have to go to a place where there's an automatic machine, for a person would see that most of their cans lacked the "NY ME MA CT DE IA VA 5 cent refund" stamp.

Last year the local beer store accepted some of the beer cans that I'd picked up in the States, for a refund of 10 cents each. A number of U.S. brands also sold here. I found one Canadian brand on roadside in upper MI, (perhaps WI, MN or ND).

On outbound trip, saw four deer dead by roadside from upper lower peninsula in MI to near Bemidji, MN (one in upper MI on return trip) - so thought it n.b. to watch ditches carefully. Hard when meeting traffic at night, especially when raining and glare on everything. And one of my low beam lights went out along the way.

It's important that we remanufacture products, rather than wasting them by throwing into landfill.

And we, living in the world's second largest country, should deal with our own - not ship Toronto's millions of pounds to a dump - sorry, "landfill" - near Detroit.

By the way - when I got home Sat night, I went to bed early: forgot to replace fuses on water heater, so cold water till mid-today.

Good wishes to all for a conservationist lifestyle.

ole joyful

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Usually when I walk/hitchhike to the out-of-town garage where I have my car repaired, I take some grocery bags with me and collect pop cans along the way. I sometimes pick them up along the road while driving - but doubt that the can pays for the extra gas.

But it seems to me that the most cost-efficient place to find cans is when celebrations are going on: festivals, rib fests, sporting occasions, fall fairs, etc. I often go with my son and have little to do for the day, so travel around to the garbage cans picking out pop cans.

One can gather a couple of hundred cans fairly quickly, with little effort.

Hardly any sort garbage to remove pop cans - but some have a local agency (eg. Boy Scouts) come to pick up beer cans after a beer tent at some festival (though in most beer tent situations they deliver the beer in plastic cups). Best to ask first, for I don't like to take them if there are local plans to recycle.

Good wishes for an effective conservationist lifestyle,

joyful guy

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One of my son-in-laws is a high school principal and lives is a gorgeous home with his wife and two children. Ever since he was married years ago he has collected the recyclables from different families and takes them to a recycle center for money. He does it partly because he believes it's the right thing to do and he's always put the money into an account for his children and has a good amount saved toward their college education from this.

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I don't pick-up the cans to recycle because they are beyond what I consider worth saving. The last time we did it, I had five huge trash bags full and only got $3.00! By the time I figure my gas to go there and the storge space I waste for them, it is a losing situation. I think some areas of the country compensate more for the aluminum. I do pick up the cans however and either toss them at the public trash can if I am out in public, or put them in our recycle bin to be picked up on trash day. I can't stand seeing them littering our world!


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Where would one redeem the cans in Michigan??? At grocery and liquor stores? a little new to the whole can turning-in thing here in the states....

I did a lot of it as a child, we got 10 cents a can in Iceland and as kids, thats some pretty good money when the military guys in the barracks drink nothing but beer.

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Greetings jiphie,

Wow! It must have taken you more than a jiffy to have found this thread, for it's been buried for a long time.

Some grocery stores in MI have machines where you feed in the cans and if they're legit for MI, they suck 'em in, giving you a credit note on the store, I think, when finished ... but if they're furrin ... they kick 'em back out at ya.

They used to have such, at least ... but I haven't been over there for some time.

Haven't got a passport yet ... and as there's a huge backlog, I doubt that I may be for some time into the future.

I hope that you've been having a lovely day ... I spent some time in the garden, some organizing in the house.

Should move to the basement, I think, as it's a hot day today.

There's lots of stuff (not to use that 4-letter word that starts with "j") down there that needs checking and sorting.

Trouble is... there's some ice cream in the freezer, as well, and on a day like this it seems to advertise its presence.

I took a van-load of pop cans to the scrap dealer a year or so ago, while running a trailer-load of steel and other scrap for a friend and got ove $90.00 for it.

And another lot later for over $50.00.

A lot of work ... but I'm not kicking.

The men's group at the church is saving them now, and one guy installed a crusher on the wall that does one can at a time.

I prefer out on a paved lot, crunching with a foot ... or a car, but they frown on that, as wasteful and contributing to both pollution and global warming.

By the way - I took the old '80 van, that we think had gone over 400,000 km. (250,000 mi.). I'd paid $1,000. in 1990 when I bought it to deliver corn-fired heating stoves and got $180.00 for it at the scrap dealer's - but they wanted the gas tank removed, and would charge me $10.00 penalty for each tire left on.

My neighbour farmer who's retiring had an auction the other day, and I should have put them into it, as they're doing nothing around here.

Good wishes to all for travelling on the earth leaving as small a footprint s possible.

Let's not leave a lot of crap for our grandkids to clean up.

Says ole joyful ... who doesn't have any (grandkids, that is ... and I'm not telling about the other).

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I will TACKLE someone for a penny or better yet a dollar. People think my sister and i are goofy but we have a little competition every year to see who can find the most "found money." I have won most years but my sister finally won last year. The rule is the money must be found in a public place. Not in a house or car. We have been playing this for over 10 years. So far i have found around $200. I have never spent it. It would be bad luck! LOL!

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What's up with this new program McDonalds is doing now. I was in a McD's this weekend and saw a bin to collect pull tabs from pop cans. I thought "How Stupid. Why not recycle the WHOLE can??"

It's on their website and I still don't 'get it'.

Here is a link that might be useful: McDonalds Pull Tab Program

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I'm in NY, where there's a five cent deposit on all soda pop cans. To get a refund, you must return the whole can, not just the pop=top. There were urban myths about collecting the pop tops and turning them in to help some charity, but I believe there was no such thing. I save all our deposit cans and bottles and bring them to a recycling center. I also recycle all other non-deposit cans and bottles ,as they are collected by my garbage hauler.

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I dont believe that they are urban myths. My SIL saves them for school fundraising. Also, my moms church saves them too. I have no clue how these programs work. Maybe its similar to Kemps milk caps.

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All any charity that accepts pop tabs is doing with them is recycling. When they have a big enough stockpile to justify the trip, they turn the tabs in for scrap aluminum. (basically cashing in on the habits that people got in when the dialysis urban legend was circulating)

If you live in a place with a bottle deposit, there is some merit to saving the tabs since you can earn in two ways. You get your deposit back for the tabless can and can then recycle the tab for money.

However, most tab drives end up costing a lot more in time, space, gas and effort then they can ever recoup from the value of the aluminum. (I've seen people spend $15 to mail in alumninum tabs worth about $0.85 - the charity would have been a lot better off with a check for the $15)

If you are already recycling your cans as scrap aluminum, there is no sense separating the tabs. Both parts end up the same place.

(And if anyone is considering returning cans for the deposit if they were purchased out of state - be careful since technically this is illegal - I think the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Neuman were taking a vanful of cans to Michigan tipped them off. Some stores will require proof of purchase if you seem to have an unusually large amount or put a max on the number you are allowed to return)

Though rarely profitable, recycling cans is always a good thing :)

Have fun! and hope no one gets too sticky!

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Collecting them from garbage barrels at a fair or festival means that there are small bees flying around, as well.

Though I'm allergic to bee stings, I haven't been stung, yet - they attend to their business, and I to mine.

I've saved tabs for several years for a friend whose Legion (veterans' group) saves them - and there's a Legion about a hundred miles away that pulls in the tabs from far and wide. Around here, they use them to buy wheel chairs, I understand.

I asked my friend some time ago why the Legion doesn't save the whole can, but he hasn't come up with an answer.

I put 2,000 tabs into a 2 litre (slightly under 2 qt.) ice cream container some time ago ... and they weighed about 2 lbs., not more than 3 lbs., I'd estimate.

Insofar as those 2,000 tabs produce about two pounds, which currently is worth around $1.50, on delivery to the scrap yard ...

... next time, I think that I'll just give my friend a Toonie (or "Twonie") - Canadian $2.00 coin - and tell him that I prefer that to pulling off 2,000 tabs: those of you who've done it know how much (boring) work that is!

As for the can ... I said before, I don't go out of my way to haul cans to the scrap yard ... make it an add-on when I'm travelling near there, anyway.

ole joyful ... frugal as all-get-out


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Wow I never thought there's much interest in tabs and cans.

Is there any truth that theres more aluminum content on the tab than the rest of the can? I find it hard to believe so I guess I want some links or facts.

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I have a friend who collects them at work for training seeing eye dogs. I save all mine from home for her too.

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I have about over 5,500 pop tabs that I have been recently collecting over the last few years and wondered how much you think you would give me for them? anything is fine with me, i just need to get rid of them. Thanks!

Email BAck!(please)

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I also heard that there was more metal in the tab than the can, but it doesn't sound right to me. The easy way to tell would be to find some sample cans, pull their tabs off and weigh them for comparison. You'd need a good set of scales however. I would do it, but I don't have any spare cans. Haven't drunk a fizzy drink since the 1990s.

I have a feeling this more metal in tabs than cans might be a half truth. The tabs are more compact and there is more metal for the volume collected than in the cans. Tabs also don't have ink and labels on them, so they might be easier to recycle? Maybe they're even a different/better grade of aluminium than the cans? The tab has to resist bending and breaking, so it might justify a better quality material than the can itself.

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The small frame of the tab, composed of a roll of aluminum, has to stay rigid as it pushes in the scored panel on the lid.

It is also the little tab between the rolled tab and the lid that needs to stay intact until the scored panel is pushed in, and which breaks when the tab is removed. Sometimes it takes a dozen wiggles, sometime only a couple will suffice.

As I mentioned in my post of Sept. 1, I collected 2,000 tabs in a 2-litre ice cream package, filling it about 3/4 full and I didn't weigh it, but it was not much over 2 lbs., 3 lbs. at the outside.

It takes about 32 cans to make a pound - with or without the tabs.

If you have a scrap metal dealer nearby, they will buy your scrap cans, and some prefer them uncrushed, but others don't care. Around here, they paid about 70 cents per lb., a few months ago.

They say that the tabs and the cans all go into the same bucket.

Crushed cans occupy about 1/3 - 1/4 the volume of intact cans.

Good wishes for the weekend.

ole joyful

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Wow! I just have to get my 2 cents in...An elderly friend stopped to pick up a tab as we were walking along and said, "I save these for a charity and the local seniors centre has a jar into which I deposit at least a couple of dozen each week. I get my exercise by stooping to pick them up, and do another good deed, as many birds pick at them and catch their beaks inside the hole". Needless to say, I drop into the seniors centre once in while now too.

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Hi Patsy Ann,

Your $0.02, you said?

That'd be about 20 tabs, I think.

If the 2,000 weigh around 2 to possibly upwards of 3 lbs., at 70 cents per lb. (some time ago - haven't checked, lately) that's about $1.40 - $2.10.

So if 2,000 produce about $2.00, thAt'd be about 10 per cent.

Which is About 10% of what I think thAt I should be paid, for pulling off all of those tabs.

ole joyful

P.S. Sorry about the funny-business "A"s here and there ... I have a touch of arthritis in the little finger, left hand, and it seems to like pushing the "a" and the "Shift" key at the same time (sometimes "Shift Lock" ... which does make things complicated).

I've become rather lazy laTELY, AND some of the time don't bother editing the error. Getting self-indulgent in my old age, I guess.

o j

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Let's bring this one back again " )

Current rates anyone? Is it worth it to stop/stoop now?

Seems many Ontarions are jumping on this bandwagon. Wondering if it's worth the wagon ride yet??

: ) Amie

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Still stooping and donating the tabs to the local fire hall. Someone picks them up and they eventually end up with the vetrans group. Stooping still...Budster

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Hi Budster,

They don't call you stoop-ed, do they?

Not stup-id, that's for sure ... just frugal!

Enjoy your day!

ole joyful

P.S. What's one of the advantages of being long-term frugal?

Early retirement! (When you choose, not as a result of "downsizing!).

o j

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Don't laugh, but if we (DH and I) are at a stop light or sign and one of us notices a can, we actually get out of the vehicle and pick the "money" up. If by some chance there is more than one, Hubby will pull the car over. We bicycle ride just to pick up cans, bottles and anything else worth value. We say, we get paid to exercise, and to help save the planet. Life doesn't get any better than that, and now our 9 and 13 year old pick up cans, bottles etc. I was never so proud as when my 9 year came home from school with plastic water bottles in her backpack from a school function. I said: Rose why did you bring all these empty bottles home? (I thought maybe a project) She replied, Mom, they were throwing that money away, so I just picked them up real quick and put them in my bag.

Brings a tear to you eye doesn't it?

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Your story is similar to my own. I also have a child (now adult) who brought home pop cans and bottles spied on the trip home from school. All the money we received went into the piggy bank at home and when that was heavy or full, into the bank account. My child was laughed at by her same age cousins (for touching "dirty" cans) but now my child has a great start on a healthy bank account and is still picking up any cans, and loose change found on the bus or road....and proudly showing us all this "free" wealth. Lessons early in life just stick....and in this time of recession what a great lesson you have shared. Way to go!

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Lessons learned early stick like burrs.

o j

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Skid-resistant AirDrop Tufted Bath Rug
$24.50 | FRONTGATE
Madison Polished Chrome One-Light Bath Fixture with Etched Glass Bell Shaped Sha
$40.23 | Bellacor
Parisian Crest Giclee Glow Bronze Club Floor Lamp
Lamps Plus
Concealed Thermostatic Triple Shower Valve with Diverter 3 Outlets
Hudson Reed
Kichler Camerena Brushed Nickel Bath 4-Light
Chateau Garden Rug 6' x 9' - BROWN FLORAL
$1,099.00 | Horchow
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