Anyone want to play "Name that Stone"

badgergalMay 7, 2013

I love the countertops in my son's kitchen. I assume the stone is granite but I don't know that for a fact. The kitchen was a DYI by the previous owner of the house.
I have gone granite shopping at several stone yards for my own kitchen and my neighbor's kitchen and did not see any slabs that look like his.
I got to thinking that one of you knowledgeable GWers out there might be able to name that stone.
Sorry there is no prize for the correct answer.
Here is an overview

And a couple of close up shots

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I don't know the name, but I will look for it today when I go stone shopping yet again.

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OK, I'll play. It looks a bit like delicatus...

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Looks like granite from the geological point of view. It's got the blend of feldspars (white), a bit of quartz (grey) and some biotite (black). The orange is iron oxide that has filled in some of the fractures in the rock.

I have no idea what the name is, but at least I can tell you the ingredients. :)

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Thanks Karin for letting me know that it is indeed granite. I have learned enough on this forum to know that not all stones labled granite are true granite. Thanks for telling me about the ingredients. I usually just use terms like splotches, speckles or streaks.

EAM44 thanks for the suggestion that the granite might be Delicatus. I know that quite a few GWers have used Delicatus. I never though that might be my sons granite because the Delicatus that I saw on here seemed to be white, grey and a little black. I don't recall ever seening any with that rusty/orange (iron oxide) in it. Based on your suggestion though I did a google image search of Delicatus and found that it is most likely Delicatus Gold. Below is an image I found of Delicatus Gold. Looks like a match to me. So I think you are the Name that Stone winner.

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YAY!!!!!! I rock (pun intended)!

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Great detective work!

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Splotches, Speckles and Streaks...

Good name for my new stone yard business.

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