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gadaisyApril 5, 2007

We are going to be sending our son to Oneida Baptist Institute in Kentucky in a few weeks. One of my brothers had a scholarship and graduated from there years ago. He says he loved being there. Is there anyone out there that can give me any more info about this school. Are there any concerns we should know about.

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I graduated from a private boarding school. I truly enjoyed the independence that I had during that time, as things were a bit chaotic at home with my parents. I was a very strong-willed teenager :) I also enjoyed the comraderie that was there with the other girls in my dorm.

Things to watch out for? I would point to being involved. Stay in constant contact with your son and ensure he understands that you are "there" for him no matter what. He will face dilemmas at times, whether school or personally based, and he will be making the decision daily whether to rely on his own judgment or to call you. Also, I hate to admit this, but at my school we got away with a LOT of things that we could not have done at home. We sometimes ran around at night, brought boys into the dorm, watched TV shows we probably shouldn't have, etc. Ugh. Looking back I can't believe we did all of that and yet 100% of my class went on to graduate from college!
Anyway, I just think that it's truly important that you minimize the impact of the distance b/w yourself and your son. Good luck!

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