This might be a HUGE question...

brerJune 25, 2009

I don't know who to ask about it.

I live close by a small lake, and I think the foundation of my house is being undermined. Also, the water from three streets comes right into my driveway. A few years ago I had the small utility room remodled, and when the workers took off the loose paneling, they saw a 2 inch crack in the foundation. They decided it was serious and took off the front porch of the house that was adjacent to the room (a nice slate porch, I might sadly add) and put a huge steel beam along the front of the garage to hope to support the front of the house.

Well, since that time, a hole has appeared at the side of the wooden porch. We keep putting gravel and sand into it, but it just keeps eating it. Also, last year in the blacktopped driveway one of the wheels of our car fell into a hole (on a hot day). We pushed the car out and filled that hole. We haven't resurfaced the driveway, because, what would be the point if it's just going to get another sinkhole. At least this way we can keep filling the hole.

Who should I talk to?

What can I do?


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Do you live in a karst area? You need a civil engineer and a consulting geologist perhaps. Sinkholes can swallow houses.

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You need an engineer alright, but just what type is up for grabs.

Civil Engineers plan cities and 'usually' have nothing to do with the physical aspects of building or soil structures.

Might be better off starting with a 'Soils Engineer' who can determine what is first going on with the geology of your lot, then following up with a 'structural engineer' to determine how to make structural corrections to your existing building based on the determined soil conditions...

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"Might be better off starting with a 'Soils Engineer' ...

Geotechnical engineer.

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If it is simply a drainage issue, and you need a culvert, I stand by a civil engineer for that task. If the house has a failing foundation not caused by a sinkhole, a soil/structural expert is appropriate. If it is a sinkhole, I hope you have great insurance.

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