Craftsman Garage Door Unit 41A4315-7A Issue

zxttfanJune 11, 2010

I recently purchased a home with a Sears/Craftsman garage door unit #41A4315-7A, built 4/94. When our electrician replaced the fuse panel serving the garage door unit with a breaker box, the unit no longer works from either the button on the wall or the car openers. The garage lights on the same cicuit work fine and the unit is getting power but nothing works. Is the circuit board shot?

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Unplug the opener and plug a lamp into the same receptacle to see for sure it is getting power. Don't rely on lights on the same circuit. You can remove that board and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit especially around the small transformer. I doubt very much it is the board but I was once wrong several years ago. If it does turn out to be the board the number you gave is the part number for the board.

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I have a slightly different issue. How can I make this unit (41A4315-7A) work with the a new Keyless Entry where the manual says it will work with a "purple" learn button on the motor. The unit (41A4315-7A) has a green learn button.
Any help is appreciated.


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