Cell phone battery question

marie26August 3, 2006

I am on my second battery for my cell phone. The first one lasted a little more than a year.

Is it better to always make sure your phone is charged, meaning that if there are 2 or 3 bars, charge the phone? Or is it better to let the battery run down to 1 bar and then charge it? Or does it not make a difference on how long the battery will last?

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We always go to deplete or near depletion, then charge. Our batteries always last the two years, then we get new phones.

Oh, and if you car-charge, do not start the engine with the phone hooked to the charger.

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western pa luann wrote "Oh, and if you car-charge, do not start the engine with the phone hooked to the charger."

Why not?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I think (and I know other people who came to the same conclusion) that batteries wear out a lot faster if charged in the car.

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If the phone and charger are plugged in and you start the engine, the battery receives a sort of power surge that ruins it over time. (So the VW rep said - and many people I know have proved it true!).

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Many people also buy third-party (i.e., cheap) car chargers which often lack the stabilization circuitry that prevents voltage spikes like that. I have no problem with third-party cases or even headsets, but I won't stray from OEM chargers and batteries.

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The amount of charge left before charging affecting the life depends on the type of battery. Some will develop what they call a "memory" where, for instance if you only use 50% of the battery, will eventually only give you 50% life. However the better batteries do not have this problem. Check the type of battery you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: More info...

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NiCD batteries, the older ones, had the memory issue. For those, its better to run them down as far as you can before charging or else their cycles become shorter. The newer batteries, NiMH, do not have a memory issue. However, they have a limited amount of times that they can be charged before they die completely. So, again, they will last longer if you run them down before charging. IMO, NiMH is still better, however, because the amount of time between charges does not decrease.

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