What do you buy from QVC???

mariendJanuary 18, 2006

I now look more selective at QVC, as there is so much on the market now. I did get some good storage items about a year ago, but even though there are really good buys--I still like to see (in person) what I buy

What did you see, that you have bought that is really a goodby???

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I do all my Christmas Shopping from QVC. I try to watch for the special pricing, like the days special value. Since I'm handicapped, going shopping is a painful process. This way I take all year and I have a good time doing it. I also pay for it all year instead of one huge payment when I don't want one. By paying off my QVC bill each month, I don't have to worry about a large bill mounting nor pay high interest. I pay no interest. Of course I carry a lot of the stuff with me on my yearly visit North (from FL) to Virginia. I can also have all my grandkids stuff shipped to my daughter and she wraps it. Good deal there, huh?

One of the items I like from there is Wacky Tack. I use that stuff all over my house. Leaves no residue and is repositionable. I have every kind they make. I put my Christmas cards up with the tape and just "blap" them on the wall somewhere. I leave notes for my husband on the door, pantry or wherever. I keep a grocery list inside the pantry and when I go shopping, I can reposition it on the scooter in the store. Works like post-it notes, but is much cheaper in the long run.

Today I got a good deal on Valerie Parhill's candles. A special sale on 3 boxes of 3 soy candles in jars. 9 candles all different. Each one burns 42 hours. I also got an interchangeable wreath. One wreath with 8 plates for the seasons and birthday, Americana, etc., and 4 banners, like Peace on Earth, Welcome, etc. My Christmas shoppping has begun.

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I have bought a few items.... usually for my work like a computer or projector. Over all, the items have been really good. I do suggest to use this site... http://www.zestbit.com/writerrighter/view/QVC_2C00_-QVC-Coupons.aspx
When I have to buy a $1000 projector it's nice to be able to save money.

Here is a link that might be useful: QVC Coupons

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