Vinyl Siding Mounting Block Problem

Rick419June 17, 2014

I have vinyl siding, and only the spout and handle of my hose bib extend thru the split wall block that surrounds it. The hose bib needs to be replaced, as I'm told the parts to fix it (washer is bad and head of valve stem is rounded so that handle no longer turns off completely) are not available (it's old).
Is there a way to open that split wall block without undoing all the siding that surrounds it?

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The hose bib should be a non freezing design, meaning the entire piece is at least 12" long. The connection to the pipe should be on the inside of the wall and the mounting flange on the outside.

Turn off the house water, disconnect the pipe from the hose bib inside the wall, remove the mounting screws and pull out the entire hose bib assembly. Get the proper length replacement and reverse the disassembly steps to reinstall.

Just remember to tilt the new assembly with the spout down to drain out the water when the faucet is turned off.

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Even if the piece doesn't extend all the way inside, you can cut the pipe on the inside and insert a hose bib with a pipe extension connected to it through the wall and use a coupling to complete it as suggested by handymac.

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