Valspar Paint - Coffee N Cream...

SheeshareeIIJuly 29, 2008

Still looking at different paint colors. . . I could've sworn I saw this pop up recently in a thread. I thought it was in the neutral colors ones but couldn't find it.

Anyone have this color? If you do could you please post a pic?? And do you notice any green undertones?


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I have "cream in my coffee" in my foyer...which I mentioned on here the other day. No green whatsoever in mine, if that is the color you were talking about. I can post a picture if you'd like, just let me know. I'm running out now, but will check in later.

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that's probably what i saw. That would be great if you would post a pic. My paint chip actually says Coffee N Cream though. . . Do you happen to know the number too? Maybe it's the same color but different name?

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I don't know why they loaded sideways--sorry! They are right side up in photobucket...I don't know how to fix them, but if you can, you're welcome to!

3003-10C Cream in My Coffee.

I looked up Coffee N Cream which appears to be much more brownish on my screen.

It is a VERY neutral color. My husband couldn't believe that I paid someone to paint a color that he says is not a color at all! Our entrance is not a big grand one, so I felt like a neutral color that was barely noticeable was the way to go. And since I couldn't reach the walls in the staircase, I don't want to *have* to ever repaint it if we move. But that said, I like it this way as well, so it wasn't just a "in case we move" color. ;)

right inside the entrance:


staircase (upstairs hall is the same color too):

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mpmg - thanks for posting those pics!! nice color and house! also look like our carpet color is similar.

i think yours is lighter though..

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Thanks. Yep, our carpets are similar. Mine are a little lighter. Eventually, I'd probably like to change the carpet on the stairs out and continue the wood up, but with little ones and a steep staircase, carpet seemed a little bit more cushiony (my made up word) if they ever fell (which thankfully, no one has now in the 4 years we've been here. We did berber in the family room, since it gets more use than any other room in the house.

Is that the color you were looking for or the darker one you'd mentioned?

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i actually have the darker chip. I'd say they're very close in color. I swear this one (mine) has a greenish tint to it.

I'm getting ready to go paint sample nutz!

Thanks again for posting those pics!

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Can I suggest getting a paint sample mixed at Lowes's. They will make up any color in a small sample jar and are $3.99. I buy those disposable foam brushes and brush it on a 16 x 20 piece of poster board (heavy paper from Walgreeens or Rite Aid office supply aisle) and "live" with it a couple of days in the room. It is a truer color sample than splotching it on the wall.
This way you can tell if you like it and watch for the green undertones in your lighting.

(I just used Valspar "Milk Chocolate" and a good enough looking color to eat and love it! My camera takes lousy pics and I can't get a true color representation to post but will keep trying).

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tinker - I'll definitely be doing that! Haa I'm just getting ready! I was going to ask if Lowes did the sample paints. Do the colors turn out accurate? I like a lot of the BM paints but there isn't one close to me. I was going to try and find similar colors from a place that's more convenient.

Yeah post a picture when you can!

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