how to seal a slate table??

bizzJune 20, 2009

Hey guys, I just stumbled on this place and have a question...i seald a slate-top table with three coats of behr wet-look sealer and let it dry for a week...but it scratches right off with a finger nail or if you slide a beer bottle over it...what did I do wrong...or did I use the wrong sealer???Thanks, B

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What did the instructions about the in beween coats prep? Did you coat it within 4 hours?

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Dear Ron6519, There is three coats...maybe even a fourth, and the directions say no more than 4 coats...but i cannot guarantee i waited 4 hrs between the first and second...i waited a few day between the thsecond and the third...I used the Behr Wet-Look Sealer, Hi-Gloss No. 985. The table has that beautiful wet look, but no's been terribly humid and raining since i applied this seal...EVERYDAY...does this help???

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