Metal roof install botched

busboyJune 29, 2012

A friend has just had her metal roof replaced due to hail damage. ($34,000) The roof is installed on sheathing. The installation has left dimples everywhere screws were installed. I contend that the screws should have been installed with a drill that would limit the torque to prevent this. Am I correct?

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pictures would be the way for us to tell for certain, but you may be on the correct path.

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Depth setting is more effective than torque setting.

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we always put lathes and foam sheathing between lathes.
then screw metal to lathes.

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Seeing that I have never seen a metal roof with dimples around the screws, this is clearly botched or an unconventional install.

I'd be expecting leaks around the seal of each screw in a relatively short time if I owned that roof.

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Yes she is sick about it. I have advised her to contact her insurance adjuster. I would bet that they will probably have to sue the installer, probably to no avail, then cover the cost of another new roof. Thanks for the input folks. BTW I have not seen the roof, just some pictures.

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There are probably manuals available online from the manufacturer for installation of the roofing panels. If not, for similar roofing panels. I bet they don't instruct you to torque the screws until the panel buckles. I think a suit would be a slam-dunk. The only question is does the installer have the $ to pay.

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