What is "corrective" termite treatment?

tlbean2004June 12, 2014

I have a yearly termite contract. My home has never had any termites or damage.
I was going through papers the other day and came across the inspection report i had done back in October.
The guy put down that i have "corrective" treatment as opposed to "preventive" treatment.
The inspection also says that there are no sigh of termite or any damage.

So i was wondering what is the difference betwen "corrective" and "preventive" termite treatment?

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"So i was wondering what is the difference betwen "corrective" and "preventive" termite treatment?"

Exactly what it sounds like. Vacines are preventive for desease,anti-biotics are corrective. Good people skills are preventive of having your ears boxed,ice packs and iodine are corrective.
Termite bait stations can be either. Preventive bait is highly atractive to termites but not toxic to them nor enviroment. They are placed underneath the soil several places around house foundation. If the tech finds termites in the bait, he replaces it as well as others closeby with poison bait which is corrective.
That is not an all inclusive list,there are other stratigies but that should answer your question.

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Termite infestation is realized only when the home owner sees an infestation within the premises. Usually when noticed they have already made a significant amount of damage so, conducting Corrective treatments will act as a barrier which prevents Subterranean Termites from ever intruding into your property.

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Preventive to prevent....

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