Where to Buy Granite Countertop Support Brackets in CHICAGO

skaunMay 15, 2014

I know this is last minute and it might be crazy to post this, but please... no lectures.

Where can I find countertop support plates for a granite installation in Chicago, IL. I would like something that can not be seen, so the plates are preferable. I need this tomorrow. I've gone to Home Depot, Menards, Ace Hardware and they don't have it. I even called granite installers and the people who answer the phone don't seem to know what it is. My installers will be here tomorrow and I don't have the luxury of online orders.

I'm getting my granite countertops installed tomorrow and it's a counter top with a raised breakfast bar. From wall to end, it's about 132 inches so it will be 2 pieces. it's an L shape and the smaller(straight) piece will be placed against the wall...the longer piece is an L shape. The depth of the counter will be 18". The base of the L is actually about 7" wide. Also, only about 11" sticks out unsupported as the bar top overlaps the base counter. +hope this makes sense.+

When the granite guys did the measurement, they said support was not really needed - especially with the long piece - since the base of the L counterbalances it. The shorter piece also does not need it. I've read on here that the countertop support is recommended and I've asked a few times. He said it's optional if you want to be really really really careful, but my counter does not need it.

I've read that any 3mm counters that hang over 10" require brackets which is why I'm in panic mode. I've tried changing the appt because I can't believe this is so difficult to find and it's a bit late to change. I want to use invisible support and I think this need to be done before the granite is installed. When I spoke to the installer, he said he can put a 2x4 or some wooden piece during the install and when I get the support plate, I can just have someone add it. This does not even make sense to me

I hope I'm just panicking for no reason, but please let me know what I can do tomorrow short of not answering my door when they get here. :)

PS: The attached image was taken from a post made by NYMK last year. I hope it's okay. Sorry, if this is against the rules.

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Shaun-we are in southwest suburbs of Chicago, had granite installed by Midwest stone in Plainfield last summer. I was able to buy the brackets (flat stock) from them. They had to be routered into the top of the cabinet frame. I talked to a man in the shop there and he explained how they wanted them installed, but their installers didn't do it. Homeowner was responsible. They would not install stone overhang over 10 inches without support. I don't think there is anyway to do it after top is put on, although you may be able to do an angle bracket or a decorative corbel that would

I hope by tomorrow you mean Friday and not later on today, I see how late your posting is.

Good luck

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Thanks, countryatheart.
Funny enough, my installation is scheduled for today - time given was 10-2. I called a few granite installers today and no luck until I called Lowes. Spoke to someone and he said, yes they have it in their mill work department. I hightailed it to Lowes and spent the next 20+ minutes(the person I spoke to on the phone was on break) talking to several people - 3 who did not even have a clue.

We walked all around that huge store looking at shelving bracket after shelving bracket. I gave the guys this look like... if this is supposed to support bracket, why is it displayed with wood shelves. Plus they were those flimsy looking decorated brackets.

Finally, we found Stanley angle brackets. If I had my choice, I would have purchased Centerline brackets - but no time and no one had them locally..

And to think all this work for an item that cost less than $5.

It makes we wonder about granite installers. I spoke to several and many said it was not needed even after I explained the width of the counter and the overhang. I went to several home stores and after showing pictures and explaining what was needed, most did not have it or pointed me to a tiny little bag of brackets - you know, the ones used for doors. LOL

Counter guys are late so let's hope I got the right stuff.

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Counter guys are here, but plumber is only here until 3pm today and will not be available until Monday. The game of beat the clock just started.

Well, they said I bought the right brackets so that's a start.

This is why I put off on this crap for so long. No one wants to touch anything else so you need a swat team of workers to do a job. Even to install the brackets, they say I need a carpenter. Faucet installation/sink hook-up, get a plumber. Change outlet cover, hire an electrician.
And when 1 person shows up late, you'll end up with people sitting idle - getting paid by the hour.

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