Can you recommend a good magazine?

alisandeJanuary 27, 2006

I haven't done any scrapbooking, but my teenage granddaughter tried her hand at it for a Christmas gift and did a lovely job. I'd like to get her a subcription to a scrapbooking magazine. I saw several offered on eBay, but I don't know which to pick. I figured you folks could steer me in the right direction.



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I subscribe to Simple Scrapbooks and find a lot of good ideas in it. I have a softcover book that I refer to everytime I work on a page--Creating Keepsakes, A Treasury of Favorites. Title: Scrapbook Tips and Techniques. $16.96 I got it at Michael's with a 40% off coupon.

I'll be watching this thread for more ideas. Have fun with your granddaughter and her scrapbooking projects.

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I like the Creating Keepsakes magazine. I look at it at the library.

I second that their books are wonderful. I have the one called "Creating Keepsakes- Award Winning Scrapbook Pages".

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Thanks, both of you! After checking out the book Dian recommended I ended up ordering a subscription to Creative Keepsakes magazine. I got it on eBay for $12.99. Looks good!


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You may find scrapbooking to be quite addictive. Don't forget to post pictures of your pages for us.

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My favorite is called PaperKuts. I subscribe to it.

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I subscribe to Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks and love them both. Lots of great ideas and offer a couple of great websites, as well.

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Hi, I have found a great magazine called Scrapbook Answers. Each issue comes with a great CD with a ton of fonts and ideas to download for free. The magazine itself is great but the CD makes it even better. I have found it at Walmart and Michaels.

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