Off topic: A sad tale but also true...

budsterJuly 26, 2003

A widow friend of mine was telling me today about the touble she is having with her only remaining child. Child I say tongue in cheek. This 40 year old male doesn't seem to be able to hold down a job for any great length of time, cannot control his spending and has been bailed out by his mama every time over the at last she said ENOUGH..and he became angry said...Why are you stopping now? The reason....she has only enough for herself now. He says it all comes to him anyway in the end...and why should he wait....I say it is a good move on her part, but perhaps too little too late....but what a sad tale. I think he needs a swift kick in the hind end.

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Hi, Buster! Yep, I agree with you. Sounds like the only attachment he feels to Mama is the one that comes on the check! Awww, man! People like that kill me.

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Tell Momma to send kid to SSI Disability claims, Got a cousin on that for his mental diabilities. Might be bi-polar.

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Sounds like he's just severely spoiled! Yet would probably enjoy having a condition with a name so he can continue to get away with it. And to say that it will eventually come to him anyway - that's terrible. Sounds like he might be using the money for drugs to fuel some other habit that could get him in trouble if he doesn't pay.

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"He says it all comes to him anyway in the end...and why should he wait..."

I really hope she changes the locks on her doors!

That sounds really threatening.

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It does sound threatening! Funny what Gina said, though. As I read the original post I thought of a family member (who has passed away) who had the same attitude toward his father. He used to visit, and while he was there, he would clean the house like crazy and take care of everything. He had the attitude that if he was there when his father died, it would all be his, (never mind his other siblings.) He would inevitable have a fight with his father and was kicked out until the next time. He was diagnosed bi-polar. So, as I read it, I thought: bi-polar. If not, then very sad.

I love Dr. Phil, so I'll quote him. He says, "we teach people how to treat us." As with other lessons that we teach our children, it may not seem it at the time, but it's always easiest to teach the lesson when they're young, the first time it comes up, rather than to let it slide until they get older. It's also a terrible disservice to our children to indulge them. We think that we're helping them, but we're really hindering their development, as in the case above. Of course none of this is relevant if he is bi-polar. Perhaps this discussion belongs on the parenting forum. I feel very badly for your widow friend. I know several people who are in similar situations with their overindulged adult "children," but they haven't said "NO" yet.

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This is not bi polar this is spoiled rotten!

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My old Dad, a farmer, said when I was a kid that if you try to wean a calf from its mother's milk when it's a couple of months old, you can achieve your purpose with next to no complications ...

... but if you wait until the little critter has grown to be a year or so old, that it'll break down walls, bust through fences and cause all kinds of mayhem ... to get to its mother.

Pretty hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

It looks as though at least some of us humans may be cut from pretty well the same cloth.

This story may be more than ten years old ... but the issue is still current, for many.

ole joyfuelled

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SAd..he may have a disorder called antisocail personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. They are very hard to deal with, unfortunatly most of us are going to deal with one at some point in our lives. They never go for counseling on their own either. I suggest everyone do a little reading on this to protect yourselves.

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OR he may just a spoiled brat!

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The big question is.... just who spoiled him?

He was in his 40s when the original post was done 11 years ago. July 26, 2003. I wonder what happened?

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