Boarding school beyond high school?

theresa79April 17, 2009

Are there any schools for high school graduates who are not entirely suited for traditional post secondary education? This type of school would cater to students who are very intelligent but might be a bit lost on what to do with themselves and have special emotional needs. The students would also be of strong moral character, and not have the problems that kids who go to therapeutic boarding schools do. The studies of this school would function on a college level. Uniforms would be present. Its age range for students would be about late teens to mid twenties. Is there perhaps something that matches this description?

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A friend of mine has a son with learning disabilities. He went to a special high school and once he graduated he went to a college that has special programs for kids like him. No uniform, though. I don't know the name, I just remember it is in Florida. But there were several schools they looked at. I would think a high school guidance counselor could help you, or even a local organization that helps parents advocate for their kids.

Why does it need to have uniforms? If that is really important I think you will be greatly limiting your choices.

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Thank you, sue36 and dfrances. Dfrances, you must have misunderstood some of my post, because I stated that I was NOT referring to one of the troubled kids who could benefit from a therapeutic school. Thank you for providing the link anyway. Sue36, uniforms would greatly support the kind of learning environment that I have in mind.

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