Repair Corner Bead

ryuiucJune 29, 2009

Hello - Looking for some fast advice here. Just had kitchen cabinets replaced and process has left a couple small dings in my walls at the corner of the soffit just above the top cabinets. In each case there is a small (say 1 inch) tear in the paint right down to the corner bead. I have sanded each area down to smooth out surrounding paint and attempted to spackle over but the spackle does not adhere to the metal corner and there is hardly any space on the lower side of the corner before the trim for the cabinets starts. I was told by the paint dept at Lowes that you can just prime and paint right over the corner bead but I wasnt sure if the paint would adhere either or if you would be able to tell. I have also read about using Fiberglass Mesh Tape on the corner bead then spackling over that. Since the areas are small I wasnt sure how practicle that really is. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Prime first, then the Spackle, if still needed, will stick. Primer will help give you the visual on how bad the damage is.

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