Gutter Shutter system--opinions--reputation?

JaniceJune 30, 2006

I know this is sort of "off-season" about gutter systems but we are presently considering

the gutter system-- "Gutter Shutter"!

They have the ususal "sales tactics", which I hate but understand it's just part of

"the game" you have to play to come to an agreement on what you are able or willing to

pay, but--bottom line---any experience with them, please?

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Can't give you advice on the Gutter Shutter, but I have used a few of the other systems. Gutter Helmet, Leaf Guard, Gutter Guard.

I have found they all do a reasonable good job, but each has it's quirks.

Gutter Helmet did a very good job, however, it has to be installed under a row of shingles and nailed down. On the plus side, it uses existing gutters.

Leaf guard requires the entire gutter to be replaced. The cross section is not very large and has a problem handling a heavy volume of water. It requires additional downspouts. Have them on the front of our house.

Gutter Guard, line Leaf Guard requires an entire replacement, and is the most expensive of the bunch, but I like it the most. The cover is replaceable in sections should it become damaged. Has a very large cross section so can handle large amounts of water with the fewest downspouts, which was important to us. Found them nice people to deal with. Don't be afraid to push pricing. They can come on a bit strong at first. We walked away from the first visit, or I should say they walked away. I was told we would never get a better price, wrong!

From what I saw of Gutter Shutter it looks similar in profile to the others, but there did seem to be a large chunk of support hardware in the gutter which could impede flow.

Whoever you go with, do't take their first pricing as written in concrete. Be sure they are aware you are looking at other options.

Hope this helps.


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I don't know if you are in the DC area, but I had good luck with the gutter shutter system offered by Thompson Creek. They have quotes that are good for 1 year so there is no high pressure and when I finally did decide to buy, they performed as advertised. One thing I liked that nobody else offered was a guarantee that the gutters would never pull away from the house. Since this is the reason I was looking for gutters, it was a big factor in my decision. Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maryland Gutter Shutter By Thompson Creek

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The Gutter Shutter Co. uses a 10 step sales system to overcome all objections except price and terms this can take 2 to 3 hours. The bottom line is of course price and you can buy this system for 30% to 50% off the salesperson's TODAY price. Forget the one year price as it is only used to condition you for the Today price which will still be available tomorrow or even next month.
Be smart don't overpay!

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Can't help you with Gutter Shutter. I had new gutters done back in August '07 and had Rain Flow installed. Cost was only about 6$ per foot, as it was installed in conventional gutters by a trusted roofer, not any overpriced "specialist". I couldn't be happier. Gutter cleaning for me was a monthly operation in the spring, bi-weekly in the fall as I have a mansard roof, a real leaf-trapper. No maintenance, no overflows, no problems, period. I have numerous tall deciduous trees so I can't give you any help with pines.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rain Flow USA

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Nice gutter product but the warranty is worthless if the contractor goes out of business. The manufacturer warranty only covers the actual product (metal and plastic parts). The no-clog warranty and the high back mounting no pull away will not be covered as that is labor. The name you are paying the extra money for is only for the materials and the training to install. The manufacturer's website is very mis-leading and has one thinking they are covered. My contractor went out of business and now I am stuck with gutter that collects water and debris.

Here is a link that might be useful: GutterShutter Company

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I worked for Gutter Shutter in Cincinnati. The sales manager there named John is a frickin goof ball. Its a scripted pitch.................that leads the salesman to ultimately "Phone his warehouse manager" in an effort to see if they have "your color gutter" and length (roll) in the warehouse. The saleman ALWAYS puts the manager on speaker phone so the customer can hear the conversation. The key here is: Its really the sales manager and the salesman initially says " I am with the Smucketelli family and we need a little help here with their gutters. (a little help means the initial price quoted to the homeowner is just a little too high)...................If the salesman, this family could use a LOT of help out here with their gutters, this simply clues the sales manager off that he needs to discount HUGE to get the business.
Ultimately, and lucky for you the homeowner, (the sales manager doesnt even go out in the warehouse and check) the sales manager usually will call the saleman back.........and say something like............."did you say WHITE............185 foot..............with 3 downspouts? Of course the salesman says yes. The manager then says " I have a 195 foot roll of white still banded out here in the 3rd row of the can discount THAT roll by 900.00 (or something like that)

Its all driven to make the customer SEEM like its their lucky day......but of course....the product is still overpriced. I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST NEVER NEVER dealing with Cincinnati Gutter Shutter. They have a horrible BBB rating..........utilize several company names because they cant keep a clean BBB rating and switch names FREQUENTLY.

Its all driven to get the homeowner to buy TODAY..............without getting other quotes.


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