Kids going home to an empty house after school-need your help!

dusenchaApril 1, 2003

I am a student and a mother. I am doing a research paper on children going home after school to an empty house until their parents come home from work. Can you please take a few minutes to answer my questions for my research paper ONLY if this applies to you?

Thank you!!!

1. How old are your children, ages, gender.

2. How long are they by themselves after school?

3. Do you worry about their safety?

4. Do you think they are mature enough?

5. Do you think they are responsible enough?

6. What do you do when they have no-school days, half days?

7. What do you do in the summer months with longer days?

Please explain your answers briefly too. I appreciate all your help.


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No one is going to tell you that they allow thier kids to come home after school and stay by themselves but that they are not mature or responsible enough to do so! I am not sure your questions are going to get you an unbiased result.

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If you are still interested in getting research information about kids coming home to an empty home please send me an email. I have 6 kids.

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It may be a little dangerous in this world to state that your children are home alone on the internet. Sad, but true...

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