New Window in Brick Wall?

idie2liveJune 29, 2009

Hello all. I have a brick veneer house that does not have any windows in the living room that face the street. There are 2 windows on the side facing north, but as you can imagine, it is usually pretty dark in there. This has bothered me for 38 years, but never enough to part with the money to change it. I recently retired and I may be spending more time in this room since it is the only public space in my house. The question - has anyone ever cut a hole in a brick wall to install or enlarge a window? Can it be done neatly and seamlessly? Can you even hope to be able to match old brick colors so it does not look like a patch job?

Here is a link that might be useful: New Window in Brick Wall

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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There are two issues with this installation. You need to install a brick lintel over the window to support the bricks above the window and you need to install a brick sill. What will stand out for a long while is the difference in mortar coloring from the old to the new.
Short answer is that it will look like a new installation. Because it is.

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a skilled mason can do this work and make it look seamless. I've seen this done on walls where a truck drove into a brick wall and it was repaired and you cannot tell old from new. Ask a mason to show you photos of his work and don't hire one until you can see for yourself. We have substantial re bricking done around patio doors and you cannot see the old and new mortar lines.

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We've had window sizes changed in our brick home and we had the skilled brick masons who matched the mortar perfectly to the existing. It can be done but you need the right masons.

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