My co-worker saved money on her wedding

evaf555July 30, 2013

She discovered that the price of certain services went down if the happy couple offered to write a check instead of using a charge card.

The rented a large house for a week, had the wedding at the house, and then honeymooned there.

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Good for her.

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I bought my dress for under $200. There was a department store that carried formal wear that was going out of business. I found a dress I really liked, tried it on and bought it. It was the only dress I tried on. It was pretty and I knew I wouldn't find a better price so I just bought it! Now to be honest it was 1992 . . .

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When my daughter got married (two years ago) we saved quite a bit on the open bar. We knew we didn't have a lot of big drinkers and we had a lot of elderly folks who didn't drink any alcohol at all, so we paid per drink instead of per person. We gave the bartender a dollar amount that when it was reached they would come and tell us and we would decide whether to keep the bar open or not. We never even reached that first amount. They did not even charge us for soft drinks. Of course the venue has to agree to this, but it doesn't hurt to ask. We saved about $1500.00. The down side of paying this way is there will always be a few people who think you are paying a set amount per person and will try to help you get your moneys worth by overindulging. You really need to have an idea of what kind of drinkers will be there.

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You can also save significantly, if you have the wedding at a less popular time, a friend had a Fri evening wedding rather than Sat. or Sun, and the price was SO much lower that way.

Another friend did the destination wedding thing (Jamaica), and it was astounding how much LESS that cost her than having the whole wedding blast. Of course, it was much smaller, fewer could go, but they had a wonderful time for not that much $$$.

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My daughter and her fiancé won a contest at a wedding expo and they paid for everything. Only downside was, the expo gave only two choices for everything, either this or that. Still, it was the best possible wedding for the lowest cost. (I pitched in for the wedding gown because I wanted her to have a real one, not a rental.)

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