Concrete raising more than once?

beebooksJune 12, 2011

We have a small front porch that sunk to the point of water flowing towards the house within the first year after its construction. The builder had it raised with mudjacking. Over the last 9 years since then, it has fallen again and needs correction. If a slab has been raised once, is it prudent to raise it again, or should we consider replacing the slab?

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Replace the slab, but only after properly preparing the base for it. An improperly prepared base is the most likely culprit for the subsidance you've experiened. Your local building office will be able to tell you how deep you'll need to dig and how much gravel you'll have to tamp down before you can create the form and pour.

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Thanks for your input. We have been leaning that direction. I remember some discussion about it not being prepared properly in the first place.

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