Marble countertop cost - Long Island

nyseguyMay 3, 2013

Hello all-

I am a newbie to the GW site looking for some input/help.

My wife and I will be starting our kitchen renovation next week. I am performing all of the work but need to outsource the counter-tops.

We have always loved the look of Calacatta marble, so we went back the fabricator who we have dealt with before for other home projects.

Price is a determining factor- so I wanted a rough estimate of what ballpark we would be in.

The quote they gave me for approximately 60 sq ft of Calacatta Statuario installed was $17k to $19k. (We never discussed the edging either.) When I asked why there was a $2k difference in the price they said it depends on what slab and what yard they source the materials from.

My island will be almost 10' long and 42" wide in the center- so they said that will need it's own slab. The other two pieces consist of approximately a 42" run and a 78"x 66" el.

Can anyone share their thoughts on this; is this in the right ballpark?

Thanks so much...

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All I can say is OMG that is a lot. I dont know exactly how much it should cost but I just didnt see it $285/ft.

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Based on my very recent experience shopping for marble i think you could find some nice calacatta marble - installed with cut outs and whatever edge you like - for half that - still expensive but $285 sq. ft is crazy.

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Sounds outrageous to me too. When I was looking around, it was $100 as I recall, possibly could have been $120. Did not run into anything running $300 or anything near. Stone pricing has come down quite a bit since then due to the economy. The more expensive $100 stones back then are selling for more like $70 now.

This is not NY but is an expensive area.

Regardless, I sure wouldn't pay that much! lol Even if I had a money tree out back.

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I'm in Northern NJ and was just quoted about $200 per sq ft for a beautiful Calcutta (installed). We ended up going with a quartzite instead (half the price) but the calcutta was stunning.

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I saw stunning slabs of Calacatta Statuario just a few hours ago.. Lovely white with dark veining.

My counter top surface is about 48 sq feet. I'm able to make it with one large slab (122' by 72' I think).

Extrapolating from this, and that your island is 10' x 42', is it that you need three slabs?

For that quote, I'd go to New York or New Jersey near the docks and look for reputable granite/marble yards and actually look at the slabs and pick the lot pieces of your marble. Long Island is more isolated and they may feel they got you price wise if your not willing or able to travel.

I'm linking to marbleandgranitedotcom. It has a list of reputable industry fabricators on it. You can search via zip codes. It might help to call a few and discuss your future purchase. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: US fabricator list by zip code

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I got my granite from All Granite & Marble in Danbury, CT. They have a location in Deer Park. I would definitely go there and price out your job.

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Thank you all so much for your feedback.

I had a feeling that quote was a bit high...or maybe they were a bit high when they quoted us!

The actual island length is only 102". But we are having an overhang; total length will be determined by slab size.

I have no reservation about travelling, and will definitely check out All Granite in Deer Park.

Since receiving that quote we have researched a few alternatives (unless we can get the price down on the statuario). One would be Carerra marble, and another would be something in the white granite family like white fantasy.

lincolnduncan- would you mind sharing what type of quartzite you went with?

Thanks so much again everyone...

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Debbi Branka

I have statuario marble on my island. I used 2 slabs. One is 3'x6' counter height and the other is 4'x5' table height. The island is 11' long with overhang. I have an ogee edge. We paid about $4000 for our marble (slab, fabrication and installation) a year ago. We live in the Detroit area.

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Thanks for the pictures Deb. So if my calculations are correct you paid just a bit over $100 sq/ft all in for your marble. I don't think my location commands a cost triple that.

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A stone like this:

can easily be double the price of one like this:

Drama commands a premium price.

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Debbi Branka

I never figured out the square foot price, but yep, that sure sounds correct! Good luck with yours nyse. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

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Kathy Rivera

licolnduncan - WHERE did you go for your quartzite?

(Sorry to hijack nyse, but maybe you'd want to travel there, too? :) )

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Reviving a month-old thread to tell Nyseguy that my KD, based in Long Island, must use the same counter guy. Got a quote to install 61 square feet of Imperial Danby for almost $250/square foot. I'm sending a politely confused email to the KD - "are we working from the same measurements? I calculate 61 square feet, is this the same number this provider is using?" I'm willing to pay a premium for marble but I'm not willing to be ripped off.

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OK, so I went to IKEA (DC area) where they had Vermont marble, installed for around 60.00/sqft (Montclaire). Can't remember the other one. No idea whether this was a teaser rate or not. Included template, fabrication, 1/4" round top/bottom, installation, up to 3 faucet holes.

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I'm in Long Island and your price sounds very high to me, but I am not familiar with the marble you selected. You should shop around. Alot of stone places in Westbury and Farmingdale, but not sure about fabricators. Ikea in Hicksville sells quartz.

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My local IKEA (fabricator) sells a LOT more than what they have on display in the store. However, they had a long list of all possible counter top materials and manufacturers (Zodiaq, Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, marble, granite...)

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Update: although my renovation has been put off again- my wife and I continued to look at stones. We went to Stone World in Farmingdale and talked with the owner for 30 minutes who gave us a full education on the different marbles (super nice guy).

He equated them to cars...stating that Statario is the Rolls Royce of countertops, Imperial Damby is the BMW/MB, and Carrera is like the Toyota. he said, he places Carrera in $5M homes and that it is still a beautiful stone.

With that said the pricing game you have to play between the stone yard and fabricator gets old very quick...especially when your fabricator is as slow as s**t.

So I searched for an all in one fabricator/stone yard and found one nearby who gave me a quote on Carrera marble within 10 mins of me sending over the rough sketch/dimensions. His price was $100 sq ft including everything plus ogee edge.

Eventually (It took two weeks) my original fabricator got me the quote on Carrera, and hers was a bit cheaper.

Soooooooooo...I believe we have found what we were looking for in terms of stone/marble and price, now it is just a question of who we will use for the fabrication/install.

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