Do you ever redo your layouts?

doterooJanuary 19, 2006

I haven't been scrapping long and so far I'm not real happy with my layouts. They mostly consist of taking a piece of cardstock, matting the photos and sticking them on. I don't seem to have any talent or imigination. Then later I'll want to go back and do the page different. Does anyone else want to redo their layouts?

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This is what I love about digital scrapping, just redo, nothing wasted.

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I am in the midst of doing that now. I am starting from my baby pics (which are in the old, acidy, gluey albums) and once I am caught up with that, I am going to re-do all the pages I did in CM books before the great embelishments came out (they used to just have decorative scissors, stickers, and die cuts). I started scrapping about 10 years ago and they didn't have the 12x12 papers yet. Now that I have have access to them, I really like what they bring to the page.

So, in a nutshell, yes. I will be re-doing about 4 years of layouts once I get caught up that far.

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I did not like the way my bowling page turned out so I took everything off, bought new paper and re did it.

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I did an entire wedding album not too long after I got married in July 2002. Since then, my scrapbooking style has changed alot. I tore the whole album apart with the intention of re-doing it. It's been over a year and I haven't even started it. I probably should have just left it alone.

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I don't usually tear them apart and redo them...I figure, "on with life". Some of my layouts I like and some I don't, but I don't have the time or inclination to redo the ones I don't like...I figure that's just part of the game. My style of scrapbooking has changed also. I'm more into paper piecing than I was to begin with. And..there are always new products and techniques that come out from time to time...I don't obsess over them, just go on

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I have redone many layouts, one thing I have started to do is create some basic layouts without any pictures on them then I have a template to go off of. This has worked for me so far, you can also get great ideas from searching the web and looking at poeple photo galleries. I did some research before I did my grandfathers 80th birthday pages so I had an idea of what was available out there to use.

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I'v never redone any of my pages. My first few attempts are very crude, at best. However, I want my family to see that I did love my craft and did improve so have left them. If you want creative ideas look for a magazine, like Simple Scrapbooks, or an idea book to give you ideas. I personally love Becky Higgins' Sketchbook Idea Book. Lots of great ideas that you can alter to your own style. Hang in there!

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I had created a scrapbook of my now 22-year-old daughter when she was a baby. I did this YEARS ago. A couple of years ago when scrapbooking was becoming popular, I redid all of the pages, adding what embellishments that I could get. Now, I am re-doing again (the last time) as I have finally learned a little about this process.

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I'm with Sue. I think just as your joirnaling style changes over time, so should your pages. My first pages (15 years old) are very different than my pages of today - but I wouldn't change them! My daughters both started scrapping at 5, I would be crushed if they decided now to go back and "re-do" them! Although you may not like the look of your old pages, it's shows alot about you at that time, and how scrapbooking styles in general have changed! One thing I do is date the page as to when it was completed. So if I'm working on pictures from 1992, but it's March 2006, I put in the corner "page completed 3-06".

I also can't imagine spending time on a page I've already completed when I have so much that hasn't been done!

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I've just started scrapping and my pages are awlful. I mean REALLY! LOL. That's why I've been going back and re-doing some of them. I need to be around some other real live scrappers to look at their work and get ideas but so far I haven't had any luck getting together with any.

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It really helps to look around at various scrapbooking websites & magazine websites to view the gallery pics. I get a lot of my ideas that way! I have a collection of scrapbook magazines from when I first started...1992, and have been looking at them for ideas. I don't copy the layout exactly, but mostly placement of photos and some embellishments. I'm not great about coming up with an original idea, but I sure can change an idea and make it my own. If you haven't checked out my post titled, "After 3.5 years", Do. Only because the 1st page with the row of pics. That idea came from a magazine, but nothing else is similar. Not even close to the original layout. I have another page I just created...totally on my own! I started placing the pics here and there, then I just started getting ideas. This is the newest one that I am talking about: I just cannot get this to resize. It is resized in photobucket, but gets big when posting it here.

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