If you think that no one cares ...

joyfulguyJuly 23, 2003

... try missing two or three payments.

Causes trauma not only to the psyche - but to the wallet as well, usually.

jes joyful

P.S. Don't recommend trying it with rent - if you like where you live.


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Very funny. You can also find out if anything cares if you forget to put down fresh water for your dog. Mine will lay next to the water bowl and look pityfull. What happens if you forget to send $$ to the irs? uggggg

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There's a story about missing a credit card payment on MSNBC's website. I haven't read it yet - don't want to jinx myself. But they essentially ask if missing one "matters." I've been paying bills for years and will occasionally forget about my paying my car payment - bad, very bad! You think, hey, didn't I just do that?!

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If you think that no one cares ...
... and you miss some payments ...
... you'll find that they don't actually care about *you*
- it's really the (missing) money that they're caring about.

Enjoy (what's left of) your weekend,

ole joyful

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