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carolmlJune 16, 2010

I've been reading all the pros and cons of metal roofing and am still trying to decide if it is our best choice. We are adding a small room on to a cabin on Vancouver Island. We will then reroof the entire structure which currently has several different roof slopes. The new roof will be a straightforward 3/12 roof, about 45 feet long. We are surrounded by large trees, get lots of rain, occasionally we can get big dumps of snow. The cabin is mostly used in summer with occasional winter stays. We are looking for low maintenance, something that is less likely to grow moss, fireproof, no leaks!

We are looking specifically for info on installation but also welcome people's opinions. We have had two installation methods recommended:

1. sheath entire new roof in plywood, cover with waterproof membrane then cover with special plastic mesh to allow air flow (don't know what this is called - it looks a bit like a brillo scouring pad, about 1/2 inch thick, very sturdy)

2. nail 1x4 boards perpendicular to rafters (side by side for first two feet, then spaced, waterproof membrane overtop then metal roofing is screwed into 1x4s.

Any opinions?

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The only fireproof roofing would be metal or concrete/clay tile.

The two systems you described are the ones commonly used for cedar shakes. The ventilation mesh is called CedarBreather and takes the place of ventilation slats. I can think of no reason to ventilate the space between an Ice & Water Shield waterproofing membrane and a metal roof.

What kind of metal roof are you planning to use, copper, aluminum, galv. steel, other plated metals, standing seam, flat seam, corrugated ...?

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I don't do roofs but I've watched a few go on.

I too wonder about your description of how the waterproof membrane will be used. I'm assuming you are talking of ice and water shield, not a rolled roofing material used in a different manner?

Anyway, I too live on the Island and all I know is there are contractors who put on a metal roof and then there are contractors who know how to put on a metal roof.

You want the latter.

If you are mid-Island, feel free to email me for a contractor recommendation. He will work Nanaimo to Campbell River if the job is certain. Its not me, I hire them, don't even play at it, although my partner allows me to sweep up the job site/reno site so I look good, eh?

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Thanks so much for the advise. We've decided, because of roof pitch and cost to go with good old asphalt shingles and will hammer them on ourselves.

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The "architectural" laminated/layered type asphalt shingles last longer especially if they are anti-fungal treated (copper in the granules). I recommend covering the entire roof with Grace Ice & Water Shield (not another brand).

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Thanks. The ice and water shield was also recommended by the shingle supplier and we have purchased some. It will be nice to have no more leaks!

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