I have a low e patio glass door, need help finding a replacement!

jeanneth13June 2, 2010

My patio sliding side glass broke but i cant find a replacement that fits my budget, its a pella door wich is so expensive, I got a quote just for the glass replacement and is coming out to $750 and since is a low e insulated temper glass i cant seem to find it anywhere else for a better price. Can anyone give me suggestions please, sombedy came to see it but they dont have the same design , they have this same doors at lowes but they can sell me the sliding side for $465 because they dont sell just the glass, i still think i might have other options, it dosnt matter if is not pella as long as is the same type of glass and design. Please give me any advice iam desperate to fix this door. thanks for reading.

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I don't think you'll find a better deal than replacing the slider for $465. Anything else is going to be a special order, with special handling and special pricing.

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Check a local glazier for a replacement.

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