Teacher Appreciation

missy1313April 18, 2006

Hi, I am the President of the PTO K-3 and I really need some ideas.

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Gift cards to a book store would be well received.

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We use to do a whole week of things for Teacher appreciation week. One day the teachers would find Hersey's kisses in their mail box with a thank you from the PTA. The next day was some pens--red and black and blue-- with a thank you. The next day might be a gift card to a teacher store or office depot. Thurday was always an early morning breakfast. We would have bagles, cream cheese, fresh baked coffee cakes, juice, coffee, etc. The teachers always appreciated it. Oh, we also had fruit baskets put in their teacher lounges and lunch room. The teachers always appreciated everything that we did.

This was for a middle school. For the younger set, you could give stickers, some flowers, maybe a video for the class room. Gift cards are always appreciated.

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They also love lunch brought to school, whether it's submarine sandwiches, salads or a potluck by parents or PTA members. It's nice to do it on a Friday when everyone is getting a little tired.

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You need help with innovative ideas on what to do for Teacher Appreciation Week? I can help you out. I found this website www.teacher-appreciation.info which has all the possible information you would need. Apart from giving ideas and suggestions on how you could make your teacher happy, this website also has a space where you could put in something about your own teachers for everyone to read. This could in itself be such a wonderful gift for your teacher.

And if you are looking for just general information like something about the great teachers in our history or you want to tickle your funny bone with some student teacher jokes, this website has it all. I would say there is something in it for everyone. And well, if you think you have some much better ideas for felicitating your teacher, go ahead and post it in ÂYour Ideas section on Teacher-appreciation.info. Let the world know your ideas and benefit from it too.

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I know I am a week late but just have to respond. I have taught for 25 years, and the best appreciation gift I get is when my kids are learning and when the parents notice and mention it to me. What a rush! Please consider that most teachers do not need more pens, doodads to clutter the desk, or apples (heaven forbid!) Consider instead what the teachers in your school might need the most (ask them, make a survey) and spend your money on that. One year our PTO decided to fix up our drab teachers lounge that no one went into. I first thought it a waste of money, but its now a place of peace and relaxation when we have a few minutes to catch our breath. Another year they got the older kids to come in to classrooms and really clean the shelves (which our janitors never touch) Its those little things that mean a lot, and we know they come from the heart.

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Here's what we did for Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughters' middle school last week.
On Sunday kids and parents showed up at the school and made posters, wrote notes and made banners with words of praise and love for the teachers. We also weeded the garden and the planters. Planted flowers at their entrance way. When they came in on Monday they were greeted by all the banners and posters and also had goodie baskets in the teachers room. Tuesday morning they were served breakfast by the parents. Wednesday was International Lunch day. Parents made dishes from around the world and served them to the teachers. Table cloths were put on the lunch tables with centerpieces to make it look nicer for the teachers. Thursday was candy in the mailboxes day. Friday was dessert and pie day along with warm wax hand dips, and shoulder, back and neck massages.
The parent group has also set up a teacher wish list for things that they would like in the classroom that are not covered by the school budget. Our teachers know how much we appreciate them. Not just for one special week but all the school year. I love volunteering in the schools, been doing it for 11 years. It shows my kids how much I value education and their teachers. NancyLouise

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