Proper steps to take after putting up hardibacker cement boards

scottyh63June 27, 2012

If anyone can help pls:

i am re-doing my showerstall downstairs, would like to know the proper steps to follow.Should i use red guard on the boards to cover everything and the seams? Or can i get away without using it.(house is over 40 yrs old and it seems it was only sheetrock and spackle done in the shower stall ages ago?!...If i use the red guard or similar product can i use pre-mixed thin set on it to tile up? I just need to know how to continue from where im at..thankyou all


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I don't know what you mean by redguard or similar on the "boards". What boards?

Anyway, you need to lock all the joints together with fiberglass mesh tape and thinset. After that you can redguard, if you like. Tile pros would generally say "no" to using pre-mixed in a wet area.

On a separate note, I think it would be helpful to do some reading before you proceed. The johnbridge tile forums are a great place to go for this.

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Make sure you put a good complete layer of redguard (or other applied barrier).

ANY defects in the film will allow water to penetrate.

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