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rosie_gaJanuary 1, 2005

Hi.........I'm not a scrapbooker although I have the want to.......I did get my Mom an Anna Griffin scrapbook kit and now she has expanded her book and needs to add to the thickness. I emailed Anna but haven't gotten a response.

Is there a standard post that is longer that expands the width of a 12 X 12 book?


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You buy the pages and they come with additional posts to go along with them. Do you know what kind of book she has? There are also books that have straps and don't use the posts.

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thanks for your reply........It's an Anna Griffin Scrapbook. I have written her website with no answer. Just wondered if there were "standard" posts that made it thicker. This one does have posts.

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Yes you can buy posts at scrapbooking stores to add to your existing posts. Blacks cameras also sells posts where I live.

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