Not a tip but a true story.....

budsterJuly 17, 2003

Recently spent 4 days with MIL. In the process of the usual fix it things she asked DH and I to do was a request

"What should I do with the bag of coins I've been saving" MIL is a bit of a small time gambler and was saving her quarters for the "machines" ..... but she also saved lots of other coins as we found out when she produced a plastic shopping bag of coins....all unrolled and in half not sorted ...some in zip lock bags she'd fill and toss in the big bag. This bag has sat in the closet for the last 4 years....well, let me tell you I let her know in no uncertain terms it is NOT safe to leave bags of coins laying around....anyone could have broken in and taken the lot. I then spent the rest of the afternoon rolling and sorting...she then was concerned the bank would not accept such a huge amount of coin...I assured her I would speak to the teller and explain the situation....a pensioner who couldn't lift the bag herself. The bank teller was a little more than shocked when I plunked this bag...weighing in at I swear 20 pounds or more in front of her. she then graciously accepted and checked our totals and deposited the amount into MIL's checking account. When I got back to the house thinking "A good deed done"...MIL was disappointed I didn't present her with bills in hand...but was pleased to hear the coins had added up to $l83.00 and change. Please if you have someone elderly in your family try to convince them coins belong in a bank not laying around the house. I was sick when I thought of someone breaking in and walking away with this haul. Bud..who is frugal and knows it.

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Rolling coins is a pain, but they do accumulate! I keep 2 old cans on the dresser, one for pennies, one for silver. Whenever I'm going to the dollar store or the 'used bread store', I grab a handfull of each. The clerks there usually have the time for me to count out the change and are thankful to get it.

In NJ, the Commerce Banks have free coin counters in the lobby for anyone to use. Maybe other banks also have this service??

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Don't forget if you find some coins that have been sitting around for 10+ years to check them for valuable mint dates. Sometimes that dime or penny can be worth $$.

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I am constantly amazed,while working in retail;how many senior's open thier wallets and you can see wads of bills.I'm not surprised that they are the targets of pickpockets.If theres a senior citizen in your family,try to get them used to using thier debit cards,I know a lot of them are a little wary of atm machines,but it is really to thier benefit to get used to them.

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if I were a thief, I wouldn't steal a heavy shopping bag full of coins I'd have to roll. Though, our grocery store has a machine that will take your coins for a 1% share, so it might be easy enough.

But those machines are sort of new; not everyone knows about them.

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You would think a thief would have better things to steal, but a coworker of mine had a small glass container of pennies stolen when his apartment was broken into a few years ago. The theif took them out and left the container. The police took the container to check for fingerprints (none found).

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Hi Adella Bedella,

In the discussion here a while ago about who might "stoop" to pick up a penny, a number of interesting points of view developed.

This thief didn't physically "stoop" to pick up (a bunch of) pennies - unless the container, rather improbably, was sitting on the floor.

S/he did "stoop" to picking up a bunch of stuff in a less than honourable way, though.

Some who wouldn't "stoop" to taking something from an individual, or taking a few things of small value ... may change their tune if the boodle is large enough - or owned by a big corporation, the government, or such.

For example - an employee of the local supermarket spent a number of minutes carrying on a private conversation with an individual, this evening.

I wondered whether I should move up and ask him whether he thought that he might be considered to be stealing from his employer.

Your comments?

joyful guy

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"I wondered whether I should move up and ask him whether he thought that he might be considered to be stealing from his employer."

joyful guy; are you really going to claim you have never, ever, even once had a personal conversation at work? Called to change a doctor's appointment? Called to check on/say hi to your wife or kid? Chatted with a coworker about the restaurant you went to last night? By this definition, we are all thieves.

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Ed, I just read this when it was brought back up to the top.

I think that it might be an employee stealing if it's used in a very strict definition, but there are some employers who do encourage some of these activities such as playing on the internet, personal phone calls, etc., in order to allow employees to have a little stress free down time or to take care of personal business because they can't do it in the hours after work. I think it all depends on the employer.

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