Curving Gutters Clogged

brucegzJune 28, 2009

Modern post 'n beam, a sweetheart of a house if ya like interesting maintenance and lots of it!. Flat rooves abound with a couple of small shingled areas. Because of the flat roof overhangs, the gutters lead to drains that then bend back toward the house and in a couple of cases bend again back toward the house lower before entering a PVC dump out away from the foundation.

For some reason, probably not blowing the drains/leaves last fall enough, this year the drains clogged badly. This never happened in 15 years. A couple I've been able to push the muck through using a light bulb extender. But 1 off the top roof, bends to high up and it's inaccessible from down below.

What is the best bang for buck drain auger? Any other suggestions for these situations are much appreciated.


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Sounds like the downspouts are clogged?

The typical thin aluminum is easily damaged with a plumbing type drain auger.

A garden hose will often work well enough to clear them.

You may have to work from the top or the bottom depending on how clogged they are.

Careful use of a hand powered drain auger can help, but it tends to just drill a small hole through the clog without really removing it.

You may even need to alternate the hand auger and the hose, or actually take the downspouts apart to clear them.

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Thanks for the idea. I bought one of those Ridgid augers that you attach a hand drill to. It worked pretty well, didn't go through the alluminum best I can tell and I think the drains are open now. I need to run water /pressure washer through them to make sure. The runs are pretty long.

Thanks for the help!

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