Having Child's Reading Evaluated

michie1April 5, 2005

How do you go about having a child's reading evaluated?

My sister noticed that my niece who is 6 (1st grade) & has always loved books & reading seems to be taking a very long time doing her homework. She's not sure if the amt of homework is extreme (she's been askign around & think it might be) AND/Or if her daughter is taking so long b/c she's having difficulty readig (whcih she also thinks is possible).

My sister isn't particularly fond of the teacher who has ignored some other issues. How should she address this & is there a way to have her daughter independently or school evaluated without involving the teacher who is more than likely to claim she's fine so as not to show any fault on her end for not having caught on to the problem earlier.


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There are independent education consultants or learning consultants. Having said that, my DD was that way. I would even find myself postponing dinner because the homework was not done when she was in 1st and 2nd grade.

The mother should be able to see how well DD reads by sitting and reading a book together.

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Well it is the mother (my sister) who thinks there might be a problem either with her daughter (my niece/godchild) not reading well OR too much homework. She has nothing to compare to know what her reading should be though at this age. The teacher says she's reading on level though.


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Our school system has a book listing for the accellerated reader program. The books are ranked by grade level that they are most appropriate for.

It contains a great deal of popular children's books, so hopefully you can find some listed that they already own. Or at least you could find some at the appropriate grade level, and go to the library to check them out.

My daughter started 1st grade this year, reading dead-on at 1st grade level, but is now reading 3rd and 4th grade books, because the teacher has really focused on reading, as a building-block for everything else.

As far as homework goes, my DD can sometimes breeze right thru her lessons at night. Other times, she just seems stubborn and won't try. I know she can do the work, because of the times she dives right in and sails thru. But on the nights when she seems blocked, I think she's usually tired, or hungry, or just plain not in the mood.

On those nights when she's blocked, I will first make sure she's not hungry, and often I will go ahead and tell her to get her bath (seems to relax her). We then sit down together with all noise (TV, radio) off, and work thru it in small chunks. I will read a book or paper while she works, and help her sort it out when she's stuck. (Usually, I put the cat in the basement, too, because even kitty distracts her).

She sails through most of the time, far more often than she gets blocked. But it seems like on the 'blocked' nights, sitting together to help her focus, is the key.

Below is a link to our book list. The 'reading level' is the column that lists the grade level of the book.

Here is a link that might be useful: our school's book list

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Karen thanks so much for that list. I will pass it on to my sister so she can try to get some of those 1st grade books. If my niece has trouble there then despite what the teeacher says if I were her then I'd have her evaluated BUT if she does fine with them & possibly is able to do some 2nd grade level then I'd say it's just a focus issue or that there is just too much homework, which my sister also already suspects. My sister did say though that she does think that making sure there are no distractions does seem to make a difference. Another problem lies in that my sister works & doesn't get home until 6:30pm when it's rush rush to get homework done, dinner cooked, put a load of laundry in, baths & bedtime routine & prepping for the next day, quality time in with teh kids & of course she's exhausted from a full day of working too. Her husband doesn't want to have much to do with homework so it lands all on my sister's lap when she gets home from work so late & has to get it all in along with everything else before it's too late.

Thanks for you help & ideas.


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