World Transplant Games on this week in London - free tickets

joyfulguyJuly 18, 2005

Hi all,

In recent days we've heard that athletes from 52 countries are in London, Ontario, Canada this week, 100% of them people who have received a transplant into their bodies, whether kidneys, heart, liver, etc.

I heard of a website describing it but when I tried to access it could not find it, but will look further and try to get back to you later with that info.

You remember how you've heard how expensive the tickets are for the Olympics?

The best part is - tickets for these events are free.

The games go on until Saturday, they say.

Hope some of you might consider coming.

By the way - have you signed your donor card?

Sure would be nice if, after you can't use body parts any more, you'd let someone else go on using them.

After all - when you'll not be using your vehicle any more, you don't drive it off the end of the dock.

And wouldn't even if you couldn't get a nickel for it on resale.

How much more important to let someone needy be able to go on using your perfectly good body parts?

Good wishes for a fine week, all.

ole joyful

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For information go to their website at, please.

Sorry - I don't know how to make this a link.

ole joyful

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Here is your link below.

We have a donor to thank for my husband's life (and subsequently our daughter).

Thanks to you, wherever you are, and hopes for mountains of blessings to go your way. We honor your loved one's life every day.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to World Transplant Games

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