Easier way to de-construct a wood fence?

graywings123June 13, 2009

I want to remove about six or so boards from a wooden privacy fence, and am planning to reinstall them later. They are secured with 2.5 inch nailscrews. I've tried hammering the boards to remove them, first with a rubber mallet, then a hammer, but except for the first one (which was not attached at all) nothing is happening.

What other ways are there to do this? I only have access from the inside, standing on a ladder and pounding towards myself.

Would a crowbar help? Or is there a specialty tool that would help?

If there is no other way to do it, I would be willing to replace the 6 or so boards that I remove, so sawing them is a option. But that would be more expensive and still leave me with pieces of board attached with the nailscrews.

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Never mind. I was able to hammer out a couple boards.

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There is a special nail removing tool found at Sears, HD, Lowes, etal. It has a 'V', like a much smaller version of the claw on a hammer, at a 90 degree angle to a 6 or 8 inch shaft. Hammer the 'V' in to grab and pry out the nails by their heads. Often the damage is slight enough that you can reuse the boards on applications like framing and fencing.

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Thanks, Randy!

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