Anyone give me an idea of how much this roof repair might cost?

susans02June 13, 2006

We need to have the collars around our vent pipes replaced. The rubber has cracked and we get water dripping into our attic (which in turn leaves a nice brown spot on our guest bedroom ceiling). I got a quote of $600 - that seems high - or any roof repair high?

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How many vent pipes? This seems a bit high although it's hard to know without realizing all that is involved.

Go to a home store and price out the part and asked what is involved in replacement. This may be a DIY job provided you feel it is safe enough to work yourself. There are some roofs I will not go onto. A safety rope anchored/tied down on the opposite side of the house would be helpful.

Figure on $50/hr labor at a minimum to hire someone. If it's a three hour job and the part costs $50 then you should pay no more than $200.

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I think there are four pipes - 2 NEED to be fixed the other 2 are Ok (I think) but we figured we'd redo the collars at the same time. DH WILL NOT get on a roof and theres no way I'll do it. So it's a project that we need someone else to do.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Here's my quote:

4 Plumbing Collars @ 10.95 each. $43.80 plus tax

Service call to jobsite: $65.00 (that includes picking up supplies)If customer supplies parts and are not correct size, then $100 to return to get correct parts.

Shingles if required. $15 per bundle.
Flashing caulk: $4.25 (the good stuff)

Hourly rate at jobsite: $55 per hour.

Estimated time: 1 hour.

You should also get a roof inspection. If the plumbing collars are failing, it's a good bet that the roof is approaching the end of its service.

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what is the access to the roof? What pitch? How high?

$600 may be strong but then again there may be extenuating circumstances. Small jobs sometimes pay a premium because if there is plenty of work in the area, then nobody wants to stop/take on a small job unless you "make it worth thier while".

Rule of thumb is to get three independent estimates for the same work and see where the numbers fall.

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Roof is only 10 years old - They put rubber collars on and due to sun - they've (or maybe just one) has cracked. Other than that the roof is in good shape (had it inspected 4 years ago when we moved in). I'm getting another contractor out tomorrow - $600 seems really high. The pitch is average to high I guess - it's a 5 bedroom colonial.

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We paid $250 about a year ago to get 2 collars put on, it was actually a flat fee since it was considered such a small job. So it would have been even less if they would have charged us the actual cost.

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Mellody27 - another guy came out - $250 for 2 and $400 for all. I'm temped to just go w/the 2 that I know need fixing, but since they were all put on at the same time, I feel like we should do all 4 now instead of later. It's still better than $600!

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not for anything.... $400? $600? what's it worth to you not to see new water stains in your ceiling? sounds like you're in the same boat as mellody...small job and you're going to buy services for 1/2 day or a full day. My advice is to get them all done and don't worry about leaks at the penetrations anymore.

Good luck

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Its really hard to estimate what it might cost� have you had someone come out and give you a professional opinion on the damage? Most roof contractors can come out and look without you even being home. I would suggest getting at least 3 estimates to get a more realistic number.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roofing

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Considering this post is 7 years old, I'd assume that they have already had the work done.
Or maybe you're worried that the replacement parts need to be replaced again. That's very kind of you.

I hate spammers.

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would I call a roofing contractor or a handyman to do this work. I'm actually glad this old post came up because I am having the same problem but with only one dryer vent area.

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