Gap between driveway and foundation wall

huskymaniacnyJune 15, 2006

I want to "seal" this gap to prevent water from draining into the ground right next to the foundation wall. I have tried driveway gap sealer and blackjack caulk and both cracked over time.

Now I am thinking about aluminum flashing. I plan to paint it black and seal one edge to the driveway with blackjack caulk (elastomeric). I will let the opposite edge just sit up against the foundation wall. As the driveway heaves, the aluminum flashing should just slide up and down the wall. Picture the flashing being bent into quarter cylinder shape with one side being caulked to the driveway. This should catch any rain dripping off the siding of the house and should block any water that puddles on the low spots of the driveway from emptying into that gap. One challenging issue is that I have an inside corner to deal with. The front of my garage sits back about 10 feet from the front of the house so there is an inside corner where the front of the garage meets the side of the house.

Any other suggestions?

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You should consider trying a high quality self leveling polyurethane sealer to seal the crack. One such product is made by Sika (comes in a caulking gun) is available at Home Depot. I belive it is typically sold in the same area as the concrete products.

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Will that be water tight? And what will it do as the driveway heaves up and down with changes in temperature?

This blackjack caulk is supposed to be elastomeric but even it cracked over time.

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I don't know what blackjack caulk is, but my experience with polyurethane sealants has shown that they are very flexible and stretch a lot.

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How big of a gap can they seal and do they seal water tight to both concrete and asphalt?

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I've filled gaps several inches wide, right up against my house in frost prone Pennsylvania, with mortar cement. I did it in 1998 and it still looks good. Macadam is supposed to have a good base of stone which should prevent most heaving.

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