Vintage Stove - not for cooking

cinjosMay 7, 2013

Hi all,
We are renovating our kitchen and we have a beautiful Hotpoint range/oven that we have been keeping in the basement for years (similar to picture but not exactly the same). We are hoping to have it in the new kitchen, but not as the actual stove. I thought of making it into a desk - does anyone have any suggestions?

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Fori is not pleased

How could you not? Old stoves are beautiful. :)

I'm not sure how comfortable a desk it would be for actual sitting--you'll have to go down to the basement and pull up a chair and spend some quality time with it. If your oven door flips down like that one, you could maybe treat the door like an old secretary--put something flat on it to serve as a writing surface with stationery (okay, phone chargers or a laptop) inside and put cookbooks on the burner surface. (I suppose you'd have to cover up the burners as well--marble? Butcherblock?)

Also at least one pot of herbs.

You could have the heaviest desk on the block!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I have an old, non-functioning stove in my dining area, adjacent to kitchen. I use it to store potatoes, and onions, in the drawers, and grocery bags in the oven.

You could store snacks for the kids, or baking supplies--flours and grains in the oven, spices in the drawer. Or baking equipment--cooky cutters in the drawer, pie plates in the oven, stand mixer on a board on the cook-top, rolling pin above cook-top, and cookbooks above oven. Lots of possibilities. :)

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I'm wondering how small the actual oven interior might be. It would be kinda cool if you could fit a toaster oven into it. All of the racks and extra pans for the toaster oven could go into the drawer. It would kind of be a riff on it's original purpose. And at least you wouldn't have to worry about the clearances to a combustible surface!

Or actually, electric ovens are pretty simple. I'd rewire it, and get some new coil elements and an oven element, and use it as a buffet warmer and snack warmer for entertaining. Maybe put it somewhere closer to the eating area for convenience for guests.

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