Teachers and the possible war

roselin32March 4, 2003

I have been hearing lately about teachers in discussing the possible war in Iraq, telling students how wrong it is and also a number of children in Maine have been harrassed by teachers and students alike if their parents are serving in the Armed Forces. I think the war should be discussed but don't believe that teachers should be voicing their beliefs as the necessarily right one. Anyone else willing to share their feelings on this?



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I think it would depend on the age of the children. My high schooler is very interested in the issue, since he is nearing the draft age. I don't think it's okay for teachers to harrass the children of our Armed Forces members. In my son's history class, they have had quite a few spirited discussions about the war. The majority of the students are against the war, as many young people have been in the past.

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I agree that it isn't the teachers place to tell my child the war is right or wrong. I believe their positon should be nuetral. Oprah is a good example of that in her discussions about war.

Teachers have a big influence on our children, and need to be careful with that. We recently had a teacher tell my son that he shouldn't go to a junior college and what a bad choice it would be. The teacher told him "you have a lot going for you, and if you were my child I'd kill you for making that choice!"

This is a good teacher that meant well, however his opinion wasn't asked for. I would have had no problem with his asking our son if he had considered other options, or told him what he believed were advantages for him going to a university. However it was not his place to discourage our son in the choice he made for himself, and one he felt good about. This teacher went so far as to tell him to go into debt to do so. We as a family made the decision that he would go to a local community college with a very good reputationand transfer in two year so he wouldn't have the debt when he graduates. He is also not ready to move out, which the teacher doens't have a clue about. We've done our homework, and we all felt good about it. Yet, with one afternoon he caused a great deal of anxiety with his comments.

While the situation is entirely different, it is somewhat the same. There are young men that are planning to go into the military after high school. Imagine how these young men would feel if they had made the choice to serve their country because of their commitment and beliefs, or if their parents were serving, and a teacher belittled their choices by telling them the war was wrong. Who gives that teacher the right to tell my child, and others what is right and wrong? As I see it the teachers job is to teach academics, encourage and support, not a platform to share beliefs.

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I would promptly go to the administration with a complaint if a student were being harrassed because his or her parent(s) have been deployed or are in the military.

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The parents did go to the administration and the superintendent told the teachers they should be more sensative to these children whose parents are being deployed!! Lots of help there, wasn't there??

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If it is still happening, write it down, name dates and the teacher, and cc it to the board, the superintendent, and the principal.

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I am assuming you have gone to the principal and then the Superintendent?

I would schedule a meeting, and tell them this is the second time you have brought this to their attention and the the behavior is continuing. Ask them what they are doing to prevent it. Harrassment is very serious in the school district. I can't imagine if you use THAT word action wouldn't be taken. Document every conversation you are aware of and show them.

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