Has anyone tried these vynil floors?

auntyaraJune 10, 2013

My parquet floor is shot. We flooded our kitchen, dish washer over flowed, bad. And we always track snow in no matter how hard we try not to. any way, I came across this website and it looks too good to be true. We need water proof floors, but I love the wood look.
If anyone has this product, please let me know how you like it.


Here is a link that might be useful: to good to be true???

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I don't have this flooring, but the video is persuasive.

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Thanks graywings,
I ordered a few samples tiles. I hope they don't look plasticy. I want nice things that can take real abuse.
I'd rather have a mud room. lol
:) Laura

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I don't know if it's this exact same product, but a friend (really, my SILs SIL :)) put this in her beach house (essentially a tear down and rebuilt from the foundation up on the same footprint) two years ago, and it's gorgeous. I wouldn't have known it wasn't wood.

While the house when in progress really had no budget (how often can any of us say that) and is full of high end finishes, she wanted the floors to accommodate sand, wet grandkids, and two large dogs who were unlikely to always stay out of the ocean and still be able to enjoy it herself - not be running around behind everyone with a shop vac and mop. It's working out beautifully. So well in fact, my SIL just had it put in the original family weekend house next door to there last month and another family member will install it in his laundry soon.

I'm not in the market for flooring right now, but I'd have it here if I were shopping.

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thank you! Now I really can't wait for the samples to arrive.
will keep you posted on my thoughts, in-case others are following this.
:) Laura

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WOW I just got the samples. I ordered them on Monday!

They look amazing. Very, very, thin compared to the laminate floor tile. Like only 1/4" thick. I hate the colors I chose lol. But I can't believe how real they look while holding them and when I put the on the floor, they looked even better.
I even did a glare test, and they look great! I'm absolutely shocked! I know they have rave reviews on their site, but I thought for sure those people were just being nice or in denial.

I'm so excited lol. I also got a sample of the laminate tile. It comes with foam backing but kinda looks like a cheap dresser. (not to insult any one who loves laminate of course).
Darn now I wish I ordered more samples. The red tones look way too red, and the dark tones are way too dark!
Well I'm happy, I know what I want, just need to decide on loose lay, or clip together. And hardest decision...what color!

Off to play with the tiles. I'm going to see how easy they scratch!
:) Laura

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I scratched them alright! lol I used a sharp tool, (lets just call it a nail), Anyway the vinyl scratched easier than the laminate. I rubbed a drop of 3 in 1 oil and from a distances couldn't see the scratches on the vinyl. I could see the scratch of the laminate, but I think it was because it is high gloss. So they both seem fine to me. (need glasses) lol.

Then I did the unthinkable! I put nail polish remover on the tiles and waited 20 minutes. The nail polish remover puddles became cloudy, and I thought for sure it was because it was eating the finish, but When I wiped it off...No damage to either tiles! Shocking. That stuff has ruined wood finishes before so I knew it was a good test. and the vinyl and the laminate passed.
Then I put lit cigarettes laying on them for 30 seconds. Not a burn mark on either one. Amazing. (no I never would put a cigarette out on a floor) lol.Just a test.
Finally I took a hammer to them. Relax, they're samples. lol. Whacked the heck out of them! Laminate got damaged, but just dimples, I thought it would crack. Vinyl looks great! No dimples.
Now, because it's raining, I'm putting them outside til morning.
:) Laura

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Interesting post. I'm going to order samples. Keep us updated on your test findings.

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Not that I thought the sales video was lying, but I need to see things for myself...Vinyl tile. Perfect. Laminate tile, warped and destroyed.
Just in-case anyone is following this thread.
:) Laura

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oh hey debi-2006,
totally missed your post oops,
I ordered more samples today. I hope I find a color I love,
:) Laura

Here is a link that might be useful: I found this thread on another site

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I tested samples of vinyl plank before buying ours, they are very scratch resistant, and some even better than others. The Lowes stuff we bought did not scratch even with a nail!

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Getting in late, but this article was in a recent issue of a magazine that I get. They seemed to really like it.

Here is a link that might be useful: LVP installation

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Thank you.. for the use full information guys... :)

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