Has anyone seen the show 'Big Spender'?

netshoundJuly 23, 2006

I just saw a show on TV called "Big Spender". The guy on it really gives some good advice on how to control some unneccasary spending. Although I've only seen this one episode, it seems to be very good. I'll have to try and catch it again.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

What network carries it?

I'm splurging and treating myself to a smaller Dish Satelitte package, and getting it installed this week.

I know it is unnecessary spending, but like I said...it's a treat, and I can well afford it. Since gas has skyrocketed, I've limited the amount I go, so I make a lot of good use of the phone for visiting loved ones regularly, and the internet for entertainment as well.


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Hi Sue, I had to chime in and say after years of fuzzy tv we went Dish Network last year. Pay the extra and get the DVR if it does not have it included (mine was for 2 years). The newer systems are great - I can do a search for a show or movie and it will search and tell me when it is on. I can record just new shows of a certain show and no more tapes or reruns. It is against my tightwad policies too but so great to have great tv so hubby can watch his sports, I can watch anything else. I did not get the HBO, pay movie packages and updates. Writing the check (they charge another $5 for direct pay) makes my skin crawl but I would not be without it.
Did the search and Big Spender is on A & E at 5:30 PM on July 30. Thanks Nethound!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I didn't go the DVR route...just not that focused on tv...and seldom tape anything...most everything will repeat, and I think I could still record it on my VCR if I left the satelite on and set to the right channel...seems I did it b4 with Directv years ago.

Do you mean if I have the payment automatically deducted from my checking it will cost an extra $5? If so, I'm gonna have to check in on that.

I'm free next Sun at 5:30!


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I've only seen one episode and I'm hooked! Yesterday they had on a woman who has over 50 credit cards and is $94K in debt. Yikes! She shops every day and when the host looked in her closet she had something like 75 pairs of shoes and 40+ handbags.

He made her cut up all of her credit cards, except 1 for emergencies that her partner had to keep. She had to shop with a list and a chaperone and also had to consign all of her excess stuff.

My DH & I are always like "who are these people" with the big houses and the equally big cars and their designer clothes, and now we know. I think there are a LOT of people who live like the woman featured in this episode.

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There's a show in Canada called Til Debt Do Us Part. It deals with families who are in conflict over money issues; if the participants meet the savings goals and challenges set by the financial advisor, they get a free $5000. The bad habits shown have been things like withdrawing $20 from an ATM three times a day and thus incurring fees, and buying their kid everything she asks for while having to withdraw from her college fund! Just the often stupid but well-meaning things that many people do.

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lisad71- That was the same one I watched!!

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