chiliepepperJune 23, 2009

here is the deal. We have a patio concrete, but the previous owners had various pieces of slate in bedded in concrete I guess for aesthetic purposes, now the slate is breaking and coming up which leaves holes in the patio where the slate use to be. It looks horrible.Not to mention that we are in an area where it is very shaded and the rain has caused a lot of mildew/moss to form. Since budget is always an issue Our patio is about 60x30 I was looking for a relatively cheap option to fix it. I would love to tear the whole thing up and have it repoured but that is quite expensive. Also where the slate is coming up there are cracks in the cement.

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I've seen where tile has been used to cover concrete slabs...not sure the source, might have been HGTV or Better Homes and Gardens. I thought it looked good and it would end up being relatively inexpensive if you could find the right tile at the right price...not sure which tile they recommended, but a search on google might yield that for you. Just a thought.

A really inexpensive solution would be to try to patch those broken areas with pavers...choose a pattern and size you like, carve out more concrete if need be to make it fit, then use concrete to patch it in. It would take some work, but less than tiling the whole area.

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