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lilmissunshineMay 18, 2013

Hey everyone, I'm happy to say that I finally got my new granite countertops for my kitchen, YAY! I decided to not do a 4" granite backsplash with it, which left my walls to do a nice tile backsplash. The good news is that I'm so glad I decided not to go with the granite backsplash, the (sorta) bad news is, it's been a little harder than I thought to find a tile that I feel goes with my granite well, Maybe I'm just being picky, I don't know, but, I came across this really great site of murals painted onto tiles by different artists, they're nice & I'm "considering" maybe doing that instead in my kitchen, but, wanted to get opinions, just to see what you guys thought of doing a mural, something more like a painting, but on tile to look at rather than maybe a full 2 walls of tile. Thanks for your opinions :) Here's the link if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about. http://www.tilemuralstore.com/

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Sophie Wheeler

The reason that most people choose tile only rather than a mural is that they know that they have changing tastes over the years. While it's not that hard to rip down a tile mural and replace it at a later date, most don't want to risk the financial investment in a piece of "permanant" art in their home. If you are very sure of your tastes, and they are rather constant, or you don't mind ripping it down in 6-7 years time, then I'd go for it! Something like that IS more interesting than the usual beige or white subway tile, and it's more personal as well.

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I'm wondering if you could put these tiles on a board that you can attach or lean against the wall, e.g. behind your range.

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We did a tile mural. Ours is from Stone Impressions and I custom designed it. I like it very much and I don't really see getting sick of it any time soon since it goes w/ my kitchen very well.

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I'm not generally a mural person, but then I saw some amazing ones with an Asian motif and I was stunned. They ran all across the backsplash instead of just in a focal point area and they were jaw-droppingly beautiful. And likely, jaw-droppingly expensive.

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On one TV show I saw a changeable mural backsplash. You pull out the panel and substitute another. You can buy pre-made panels or blank ones to apply tiles to yourself. Create different ones for holidays and special events. Seems like a cool system.

Kitchen Tile by Other Metro kitchenpalette.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Palette

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@beaglesdoitbetter Your mural is really nice, I checked out the site & they seem to have some wonderful murals, thanks for the link :)
@ Hollysprings , yes, I agree, don't do a mural if your tastes might change, ripping up/off tile is a PITA lol :)
@gpraceman I checked out your link, that's very interesting, I'll have to check further into something like this, I'v never seen this done before, thanks :)

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